• One Act Play

    Mr. Dean Nolen
    Department of Theatre
    Work Phone: 325-670-1404 (voice mail available)
    FAX 325-671-2105
    Email: r.d.nolen@hsutx.edu

    Please contact Mr. Dean Nolen with questions prior to the contest (email contact is preferred). Understand that he is a full-time faculty member.

    General Information

    HSU will provide the basic unit set as described in The Handbook for One-Act Play Directors, Judges and Contest Managers, except for Door Units, Window, and French Door Units. Nine lighting/acting areas will be provided in addition to a red, blue and green stage wash. There is a front curtain. A scale floor plan will be sent to those schools advancing to region from area. HSU will also provide a Contest Management crew consisting of a stage manager, assistant stage manager, two timekeepers/inspectors, lighting technician and sound technician. Each contesting team (maximum of 5) must provide its own shift crew and stage manager to call light and sound cues and a light and sound technician to run lights and sound.

    HSU has an ETC Insight 3 computerized lighting control console. You are welcome to send your lighting cues ahead of time. This will save time in your rehearsal period. If you wish to have your lighting cues programmed into the board ahead of time:

    1. Go through your script and write each cue down.
    2. Designate which lighting areas need to be on in each cue.
    3. Designate at what intensity you wish those areas to be, eg. 50%, 75%, etc.
    4. Designate how fast or slow you wish your cues to fade up and down; default fade time is 3 seconds.
    5. Designate any color wash to be included in each cue by percentage also.

    The lighting and sound control boards are on the balcony rail of Behrens Chapel. A headset will be available for you to communicate with the backstage area. You may use your own headsets if you wish.

    Recorded music can be on CD if you wish to use HSU sound equipment. You may also bring your own CD players, tape players, ipods and/or laptops to patch into the system. If you wish to do this you MUST have a one-quarter inch male plug for each channel to insert into the system.

    All the masking curtains are black, the midstage traveler is black.The Grand Drape is gold.

    Men's and women's dressing rooms are located back stage left and are available for all companies to use during the performance of your play. Each has toilet, sink and mirrors. These restrooms/dressing rooms/ make-up rooms are only available to your company during your performance.

    The UIL unit set pieces will be stored in the backstage right area of the theatre while individual show props and pieces will be stored in the "Preparation Area" upstage of the midstage traveler. The contest management crew will provide guidance in the specific storage area assigned to each play.


    Items may be loaded into the scene shop 30 minutes before your Friday rehearsal time. The scene shop entrance and drive are on the south side of the building.Once items are removed from vehicles/trailers, please clear this area and park vehicles/trailers in the large dorm parking lot located east of the theatre. Each cast will be provided with a dressing room area.Each area will have chairs, table with make-up mirror and lights sufficient to make-up six actors at a time, and a changing screen. Cast and crew may place items in the dressing areas immediately following their rehearsal period and must leave following the final rehearsal period. The dressing areas will be available for use at noon on Saturday.


    Rehearsals begin at 1:00 PM May 2, 2014 and will continue on the hour until all plays are rehearsed. The hour of the rehearsal will begin once the company steps over the threshold of the scene shop doors into the stage proper. Please be in the scene shop area ready to go 10 minutes prior to your rehearsal time. Each school must bring its own spike tape in school colors. Notify Mr. Nolen via email regarding the color being used to insure there is no duplication. Mr. Nolen will arrange the rehearsal order, noting those cast members entered in a conflicting speech event Friday afternoon. Regional entries must bereceived before the rehearsal schedule can be determined. Each school will be notified by Mr. Nolen regarding rehearsal and performance times.

    Director's Meeting

    The Director's Meeting will be Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 3:00 PM in the Greenroom backstage. Please have all of your permission slips, royalty notices, etc. at this meeting.


    Performances will be Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 4:00 PM and run back to back until all six schools are finished. House will be open for seating at 3:00 PM. To insure fairness, the performance order is determined by the OAP Contest Director well before the contests occur. Directors must inform the Contest Manager of any circumstances that should be considered when establishing performance order.

    Casts will be brought to the north or south stairwell entrance in preparation for set-up and performance. Following the performance, the cast and crew will strike the UIL set to its proper place and strike their set and props to the scene shop. The vehicle/trailer should be in the driveway at this time to immediately load the set for transport home. Once the set is loaded, the vehicle/trailer should be returned to the parking lot to clear the driveway for the next load-out. Cast and crew may return to their dressing area. Following the performance and during the judge’s deliberation time, the cast and crew should make every effort to pack up everything in the dressing area to facilitate load-out at that time or immediately after critiques.

    No cameras, video recorders, or tape recorders will be allowed in the theatre during performances. No one will be admitted to the theatre while a performance is underway. No tobacco use will be allowed in any university building.

    Awards and Critiques

    The announcement of winners, all-star cast and the presentation of awards plus the oral critiques will follow the last performance as soon as the judge is ready. Advancing plays will not be ranked. Trophies are given to these schools and one to the alternate school (announced or unannounced according to everyone's wishes). There will be medals for the Best Actor and Actress, 8 All Star Cast and 8 Honorable Mention.

    Critiques will follow the awards ceremony. ALL COMPANIES are encouraged to attend the critique session. If this is not possible, Mr. Nolen must be notified in advance.

    One-Act Handbook Review

    Please review the information found in the UIL OAP Handbook and the 2013 Addendum regarding advancing plays, and be sure to bring evidence that you have made all necessary royalty payments to the publisher of your play. Bring permission also from the State Office for the use of special pieces and properties, as applicable. If you are producing scenes from a long play, you must show written approval from the publishers. Your music log and integrity script are required at rehearsal. Bring your signed "Standard Compliance Form."

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