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Theology, Ministry, & Religion
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Specialized Databases Top
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials (EBSCO) Full Text. The American Theological Library Association provides this index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. Includes full text articles from ATLA's online collection of major religion and theology journals.
Abingdon Ministry Matters (Direct) Full Text. Ministry Matters is a Bible reference resource website that includes access to more than 50,000 pages of Bible reference e-publications, including The New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary and The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible.  The site also offers a wealth of information and material for current and aspiring church leaders.
Oxford Biblical Studies On-Line (Direct) Full Text. Includes a wide variety of reference works for the study of the Bible and biblical history, including six Oxford editions of the Bible, biblical commentary and annotations, a multitude of reference material, primary texts, images, and maps.
Religion and Philosophy Collection (EBSCO) Full Text. Covers such topics as world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy.
Original Sources (Direct) Full Text. An extensive collection of original source documents in history, politics and government, philosophy, religion, science and mathematics, language, literature and the social sciences.
New Testament Abstracts (EBSCO) Includes citations and abstracts from books and articles published since 1985 concerning the New Testament, interpretation and analysis of its Gospels and Epistles, and historical context of early Christianity.
Old Testament Abstracts (EBSCO) Offers citations and abstracts for books, articles, and software related to Old Testament studies. Topics include antiquities, archaeology, biblical theology, philology and more. Coverage from 1978.
Philosopher’s Index (Ebsco) Contains citation information and author-written abstracts for journal articles and books covering all major fields of philosophy such as aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, etc., and philosophy of related interdisciplinary fields such as education, history, law and religion. Some links to full text.
Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics (Direct) Full Text. A reference tool for students and scholars of Greek, of linguistics, and of other Indo-European languages, as well as biblical literature. As an encyclopedia, the entries are listed alphabetically.
Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics (Direct) Full Text. A reference work covering the history and study of the Hebrew language from its earliest form to the present day. This online version features advanced search options, as well as extensive cross-references and full-text search functionality using the Hebrew character set.
Related General Databases Top
Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) Full text. Scholarly, multi-disciplinary database covering many areas of academic study including archaeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, multicultural studies, general science, geography, geology, law, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, religion & theology, women's studies, and other fields.
Humanities Source (EBSCO) Offers worldwide content pertaining to literary, scholarly and creative thought through full text articles, original works, interviews, book and performance reviews and more, covering all aspects of the humanities including art, communications, history, literature, music, dance and the performing arts, literary and social criticism, philosophy, religion, and many other topics. Remote access with University network account.
Book Review Digest Plus (EBSCO) Full text. An essential tool for readers’ advisory and collection development, this database brings together book reviews on a wide array of subjects, including art, biography, business, education, general interest, history, humanities, literature, music, and religion.
MasterFILE Premier (EBSCO) Full Text. Contains periodicals covering general reference, business, education, health, general science, multi-cultural issues and more. Coverage dates back to 1975 and includes reference works, primary source documents, photos, maps, and images.
JSTOR (Direct) Full Text. An archive of back issues of scholarly journals in the disciplines of the arts, sciences, humanities, business, and mathematics. No current issues.
Article First (FirstSearch) Provides an index of journal articles taken from the table of contents of publications in business, humanities, medicine, popular culture, social sciences, science, and technology.
ECO (FirstSearch) Electronic Collection Online provides bibliographic information for articles from selected scholarly journals covering a broad range of subjects, with links to full text for subscribed content.
Electronic Journals Top
HSU Electronic Journals (Direct) Full text. A search interface allowing the user to find full-text journal subscriptions available to the HSU community from any subscribed database. Search by journal title or by subject area
Directory of Open Access Journals (Web) Full text. DOAJ is a comprehensive directory of scientific and scholarly journals, many of which provide free access to full text articles. Covers research in the arts, sciences, literature, law, politics, economics, philosophy, and religion among other topics.
Electronic Books Top
E-books on EBSCOhost (TexShare) Full text. (EBSCO) Full Text. Offers electronic versions of reference, professional and scholarly books (e-books) in a wide variety of subjects. Read the digitized texts page by page or search for specific content.
Web Sites Top
Torah Scroll in Hebrew (Web) Also called Sefer Torah, this manuscript is written in Hebrew on very highly finished white cow skin vellum panels, sewn and scrolled. Over 200 columns, comprising the Torah or Pentateuch (the Five Books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy), the first five books of the Jewish Bible (Tanakh) and the Christian Old Testament. Scribed in a South Arabian Jewish Scriptorium in the late 17th or early 18th Century by Yemenite Jews.
Digital Dead Sea Scrolls (Web) The Israel Museum, in partnership with Google, presents website access to searchable, high-resolution images of five Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history. The scrolls present critical insight into Jewish society during the Second Temple Period, the time of the birth of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism. The five scrolls include the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll, The Temple Scroll, and the War Scroll.
Bible Gateway (Web) A tool for reading and researching the Bible in a choice of versions, translations and languages. Find and compare particular passages by keyword, phrase, or scripture reference.
Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus (Web) A tool for the historical study of Christian scriptures, providing information about the world in which Jesus lived, often from primary texts.
Google Scholar (Web) Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations.
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