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Abingdon Ministry Matters is a Bible reference resource website that includes access to more than 50,000 pages of Bible reference e-publications, including The New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary and The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible. The site also offers a wealth of information and material for current and aspiring church leaders. Please click on the Abingdon Ministry Matters link found on the left side of this screen to access these resources.


New Materials In Theology, Ministry, and Religion

1 and 2 Peter and Jude : sharing Christ's sufferings / David R. Helm ; R. Kent Hughes, general editor
      BS2795.53 .H45 2008

A ministry of presence : chaplaincy, spiritual care, and the law / Winnifred Fallers Sullivan
      KF4868 .C44 S85 2014

A new heaven and a new earth : reclaiming biblical eschatology / J. Richard Middleton
      BT821.3 .M53 2014

A vision of justice : engaging Catholic social teaching on the college campus / edited by Susan Crawford Sullivan and Ron Pagnucco
      BX1753 .V58 2014

Adam, the fall, and original sin : theological, biblical, and scientific perspectives / edited by Hans Madueme and Michael Reeves
      BT720 .A33 2014

America's pastor : Billy Graham and the shaping of a nation / Grant Wacker
      BV3785 .G69 W33 2014

An introduction to the medieval Bible / Frans van Liere, Calvin College
      BS68 .L54 2014

Ancient Israel's history : an introduction to issues and sources / edited by Bill T. Arnold, Richard S. Hess
      BS1197 .A6195 2014

Anselm companion to the Bible : with NRSV translation / Corrine L. Carvalho, editor
      BS511.3 .A57 2014

Augustine's Manichaean dilemma. 2 Making a "Catholic" self, 388-401 C.E. / Jason David BeDuhn
      BR65 .A9 B396 2013

A-Z of spirituality / Steve Nolan & Margaret Holloway
      BL624 .N65 2014

Behold the king of glory : a narrative of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ / Russ Ramsey ; foreword by Nancy Guthrie
      BT301.3 .R36 2015

Building your volunteer team : a 30-day change project for youth ministry / Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman
      BV4447 .D4493 2015

Catholicism today : an introduction to the contemporary Catholic Church / Evyatar Marienberg
      BX1754 .M295 2015

David : the divided heart / David Wolpe
      BS580 .D3 W65 2014

David and his theologian : literary, social, and theological investigations of the early monarchy / Walter Brueggemann ; edited by K.C. Hanson
      BS580 .D3 B78 2011

Decolonizing preaching : the pulpit as postcolonial space / Sarah Travis
      BV4211.2 .T72 2014

Drinking from the wells of new creation : the Holy Spirit and the imagination in reconciliation / Kerry Dearborn
      BR115 .I6 D43 2014

Early Christianity in contexts : an exploration across cultures and continents / edited by William Tabbernee
      Ref. BR145.3 .E23 2014

Echoes of charis : Paul's contextual reflections on salvation / Stephan J. Joubert
      BS2650.52 .J68 2014

Faith-based organizations at the United Nations / Jeffrey Haynes
      BL65 .I55 H38 2014

Faithful doubt : the wisdom of uncertainty / Guy Collins
      BT774 .C65 2014

Fields of blood : religion and the history of violence / Karen Armstrong
      BL65 .V55 A76 2014

Fundamental theology : a Protestant perspective / Matthew L. Becker ; afterword by Martin E. Marty
      BR118 .B3295 2015

Gender in theology, spirituality and practice / edited by Lisa Sowle Cahill, Diego Irarrazaval and Elaine M. Wainwright
      BV639 .W7 G46 2012

Genesis : a 12-week study / Mitchell M. Kim ; J.I. Packer, theological editor ; Dane C. Ortlund, series editor ; Lane T. Dennis, executive editor
      BS550.2 .K384 2013

George Whitefield : America's spiritual founding father / Thomas S. Kidd
      BX9225 .W4 K48 2014

Handbook of religion : a Christian engagement with traditions, teachings, and practices / Terry C. Muck, Harold A. Netland, and Gerald R. McDermott, editors
      Ref. BR127 .H36 2014

Holiness, ethics and ritual in Leviticus / Leigh M. Trevaskis
      BS1255.52 .H6 T74 2011

I found God in me : a womanist biblical hermeneutics reader / edited by Mitzi J. Smith
      BS521.2 .I5 2015

If you call yourself a Jew : reappraising Paul's letter to the Romans / Rafael Rodriguez
      BS2665.53 .R63 2014

Immigrant faith : patterns of immigrant religion in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe / Phillip Connor
      BL625.9 .I55 C66 2014

In God's hands / Desmond Tutu
      BT140 .T88 2015

Inspiration and innovation : religion in the American West / Todd M. Kerstetter
      BL2527 .W47 K47 2015

Jeremiah invented : constructions and deconstructions of Jeremiah / edited by Else K. Holt and Carolyn J. Sharp
      BS1525.52 .J474 2015

Jeremiah's new covenant : an Augustinian reading / Joshua N. Moon
      BS1525.52 .M66 2011

Josiah's reform and the dynamics of defilement : Israelite rites of violence and the making of a biblical text / Lauren A.S. Monroe
      BS580 .J75 M66 2011

Last call for the African-American church : the death of global missions / Chester Williams
      BR563 .N4 W55 2014

Latino Pentecostals in America : faith and politics in action / Gastâon Espinosa
      BR1644.5 .U6 E87 2014

Market and margins : Lutheran perspectives / Wanda Deifelt, editor
      BR115 .C3 M37 2014

Martin Luther King, Jr., and the theology of resistance / Rufus Burrow, Jr. ; foreword by Dwayne A. Tunstall
      BX4827 .K53 B87 2015

Mary in scripture, liturgy, and the Catholic tradition / Renâe Laurentin
      BT603 .L3813 2014

Nurturing different dreams : youth ministry across lines of difference / Katherine Turpin and Anne Carter Walker
      BV4447 .T876 2014

Our global families : Christians embracing common identity in a changing world / Todd M. Johnson and Cindy M. Wu
      BR121.3 .J64 2015

Paul : windows on his thought and his world / Maria Pascuzzi
      BS2506.3 .P37 2014

Pope Francis : life and revolution, a biography of Jorge Bergoglio / Elisabetta Piquâe ; foreword by Cardinal Seâan Patrick O'Malley, O.F.M. Cap
      BX1378.7 .P5713 2014

Praying with Paul : a call to spiritual reformation / D.A. Carson
      BS2650.54 .C37 2014

Progressive evangelicals and the pursuit of social justice / Brantley W. Gasaway
      BR517 .G37 2014

Psalms : A 12-week Study / Douglas Sean O'Donnell ; [J.I. Packer, theological editor ; Dane C. Ortlund, series editor ; Lane T. Dennis, executive editor]
      BS1430.52 .O36 2014

Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed tradition : creation, covenant, and participation / James K. A. Smith and James H. Olthuis, editors
      BT40 .R35 2005

Radical reconciliation : beyond political pietism and Christian quietism / Allan Aubrey Boesak and Curtiss Paul DeYoung
      BT738.27 .B64 2012

Reconsidering the concept of revolutionary monotheism / edited by Beate Pongratz-Leisten
      BL221 .R43 2011

Religious freedom in America : constitutional roots and contemporary challenges / edited by Allen D. Hertzke ; preface by Kyle Harper
      BR516 .R375 2015

Republican theology : the civil religion of American evangelicals / Benjamin T. Lynerd
      BR1642 .U5 L96 2014

Rethinking the medieval legacy for contemporary theology / edited by Anselm K. Min
      BT21.3 .R48 2014

Roman Catholic theology and practice : an evangelical assessment / Gregg R. Allison
      BX1753 .A395 2014

Saints & sinners : a history of the Popes / Eamon Duffy
      BX955.2 .D84 2014

Sects & social disorder muslim identities & conflict in northern Nigeria / edited by Abul Raufu Mustapha
      BP64 .N6 S43 2014

'Settling the peace of the church' : 1662 revisited / edited by N. H. Keeble
      BR757 .S48 2014

Short stories by Jesus : the enigmatic parables of a controversial rabbi / Amy-Jill Levine
      BT375.3 .L48 2014

Simply good news : why the gospel is news and what makes it good / N.T. Wright
      BT1103 .W75 2015

Subversive meals : an analysis of the Lord's Supper under Roman domination during the first century / R. Alan Streett
      BV823 .S795 2013

The Abingdon introduction to the Bible : understanding Jewish and Christian scriptures / Joel S. Kaminsky, Joel N. Lohr, Mark Reasoner
      BS475.3 .K36 2014

The everlasting flame : Zoroastrianism in history and imagination / edited by Sarah Stewart with Firoza Punthakey Mistree, Ursula Sims-Williams, Almut Hintze, Pheroza J. Godrej
      BL1575 .E94 2013

The exiled generations : legacies of the Southern Baptist Convention holy war / edited by Carl L. Kell ; postscript by Molly T. Marshall
      BX6462.3 .E97 2014

The Gospel as public truth : an Indian multi-religious perspective on Lesslie Newbigin / Dr. Samuel George
      BS2555.52 .G46 2015

The harp of prophecy : early Christian interpretation of the Psalms / edited by Brian E. Daley, S.J., and Paul R. Kolbet
      BS1429 .H276 2015

The Muslim Brotherhood in Europe / Roel Meijer and Edwin Bakker, editors
      BP10 .I385 M87 2012

The new atheist denial of history / Borden W. Painter, Jr
      BL2747.3 .P28 2014

The new encyclopedia of Islam / Cyril Glasse
      BP40 .G42 2013

The poetics of grace : Christian ethics as theodicy / Jeph Holloway
      BT160 .H65 2013 V.1

The sermons of George Whitefield / edited and with an introduction by Lee Gatiss
      BX9178 .W5 S286 2012 V.2

The sermons of George Whitefield / edited and with an introduction by Lee Gatiss
      BX9178 .W5 S286 2012 V.1

The stories we tell : how TV and movies long for and echo the truth / Mike Cosper ; edited by Timothy J. Keller and Collin Hansen ; foreword by Timothy J. Keller
      BT83.78 .C67 2014

The T&T Clark companion to the Septuagint / edited by James K. Aitken
      BS744 .T26 2015

The Vatican diaries : a behind-the-scenes look at the power, personalities, and politics at the heart of the Catholic Church / John Thavis
      BX955.3 .T65 2013

The wilderness itineraries : genre, geography, and the growth of Torah / Angela R. Roskop
      BS1225.52 .R67 2011

The Writings and later Wisdom books / edited by Christl M. Maier and Nuria Calduch-Benages
      BS575 .E8613 2014

Theology on trial : Kierkegaard and Tillich on the status of theology / John Losee
      BR118 .L67 2015

They that wait on the lord : an uncharted journey
      BX2347.72 .I73 C37 2014

Through the 'I'-window : the inner life of characters in the Hebrew Bible / Barbara M. Leung Lai
      BS645 .L48 2011

Toward a just and caring society : Christian responses to poverty in America / edited by David P. Gushee
      BV639 .P6 T73 1999

Toward an Anabaptist political theology : law, order, and civil society / A. James Reimer ; edited by Paul G. Doerksen ; with a foreword by P. Travis Kroeker
      BX4931.3 .R45 2014

When helping hurts : how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor-- and yourself / Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
      BV639 .P6 C67 2009

Women, ritual, and power : placing female imagery of God in Christian worship / Elizabeth Ursic
      BV639 .W7 U77 2014

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