Graduate Assistants and Secretaries -- Instructions

Graduate Assistants and departmental secretaries may check out library materials for faculty members following these instructions:

  • The faculty member must own an HSU ID.
  • The faculty member must send a signed and dated memo indicating permission for the named assistant to check out on your behalf. The memo should be sent to the circulation supervisor.
  • The library will note on the faculty member’s record the name of the assistant who has permission to checkout on the faculty member’s record. This permission will need to be updated each semester.
  • The assistant will need the faculty member’s ID for each checkout.
  • The faculty member is responsible for the return of the library materials, even if the faculty member has lent the materials to another person.
  • Please do not send assistants to the library to checkout non-circulating materials.
Materials to be placed on reserve, such as copies, books, videos, etc. must be brought to the Circulation area and a card completed to indicate the course, reserve type, date to be removed from reserve, and faculty member’s name, address, phone number and box number. Please allow two working days for the Circulation staff to process items for reserve before assigning students to use the reserve materials. A complete citation must be provided for articles or portions of articles or books.

Assistants may copy, fax, or laminate only if they have a completed, signed interdepartmental form with the appropriate budget number or cash to pay the cost of these services.

The library staff would be pleased to provide research instructions or library orientations for assistants. Please ask your liaison librarian for an appointment

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