2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 99 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 27.15 Balance Inquiries The Coordinator of Student Activities can access the current balances for any registered club or organization. Any Club/Organization Advisor can also see balances for the groups they oversee. Any approved member of a group can ask the Coordinator of Student Activities for their current balance within regular business hours. 27.16 Off-Campus Organization Activities Unless an event has administrative approval, the listing of a function on the University Calendar or any other university involvement with the club or organization or event, will not be construed in any way to cause the event to be a university event. Nor will it be construed to be an event which the university, its agents, servants, or employees are responsible for supervising or controlling. All service, social clubs or other student organizations should understand that the university, its employees, agents, and trustees will be held harmless from any claim for damages and any and all other liabilities that may arise from such events. No service, social club, or other student organization is permitted to present itself as an agent of the university, use the university name, or use their approved club name without prior approval from the Student Life Office. This will include the rental, lease, borrowing, or reservation of facilities, equipment, or any other supplies secured for the purpose of holding any activity on or off campus. In order for an off-campus event to be considered an approved event, a request should be submitted to the Student Life Office for final approval by the Dean of Students at least 48 hours in advance. Approval will not be granted unless the request is signed by the advisor. Off-campus events that are approved by the Student Life Office must meet the same requirements and regulations as all on-campus events. 28. Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities The philosophy of Hardin-Simmons University recognizes the interrelationship of faith and reason, the obligation to search for truth in all areas and relationships, and the concern for human values. The institution accentuates the Christian concept of the dignity of the individual and seeks to promote this ideal. The university strives constantly to achieve academic excellence and to develop Christian maturity, believing that the two are complementary. With this concept of learning, each student should act in a mature manner and exercise good judgment in conducting his/her personal life both on and off campus. The student who enrolls at HSU should expect to become a part of the total campus environment. He/she should realize the uniqueness of the university in terms of its traditions, goals, policies and regulations. In becoming a part of the university, the student agrees to uphold these characteristics. While at Hardin-Simmons, the student will obey the policies and regulations of the university and the laws of Abilene, the State of Texas, and the United States or, if studying abroad, the laws of other countries. 29. Threats of Harm to Self or Others HSU is concerned about the well-being of all students. The university takes seriously any behavior, including a non-privileged verbal statement that tends to demonstrate a student may harm himself/herself or another. Such behavior demonstrates that the student may be in danger, or may be intending harm to another student and interferes with the educational efforts of those involved and with HSU’s intent to educate all students.