2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 96 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 26.4(a). The basic purposes and activities of the group must be compatible with the HSU Mission and be consistent with university policies. Student Life will review the doctrine and beliefs of the sponsoring organization before recognition is granted. 26.4(b). The advisor must be HSU faculty or staff. 26.4(c). The use of space on campus cannot be used for church or college group services. Adequate space is not available for the many requests received each semester from churches, therefore this function is restricted from all. Spiritual clubs are encouraged to be part of student fairs, move in days, and events where students are encouraged to get involved in local churches. 26.4(d). Recognized student clubs are welcome to reserve space for events for HSU students or meet informally in student common spaces for Bible studies. 26.4(e). Clubs may fund-raise for their student club and deposit the funds into their HSU Club account for HSU events, but churches may not fund-raise or collect money on campus for church activities. Fundraising must be cleared with the Advancement office in order not to interfere with university fundraising efforts. 26.4(f). HSU loves to partner for events and would love to consider partnering with churches to sponsor events together. Examples of this may be partnering with several churches to have a Christian band play on campus, co-sponsoring a spring break trip, or promoting places for HSU students to be involved such as mission trips or serving as a camp counselor with a church. 27.5 Social Clubs At HSU, there is a healthy social club life that is made up of several local social clubs (which were created by HSU students on our campus) and some national service and academic clubs. These clubs give social club students a place to fit into our campus while also contributing to the overall reach of our programs and activities. All Social Clubs at HSU are held accountable and function under the HSU S.C.O.P.E. Program (Social Clubs’ Official Program of Excellence). 27.6 National Clubs National student groups must meet their national charter’s expectations and follow their rules and guidelines. These groups should also meet the standards for any HSU student group on top of their group’s national expectations. National student groups with pledging groups are always welcome to join HSU’s Social Club Council. 27.7 Student Organization Finance Policies All student clubs and organizations on campus are given a budget number. Budget numbers are issued once the Director of Student Activities sends an approval form to accounting recognizing the organization’s official status. Accounts directly funded by an academic department or an endowment need a separate budget number controlled by the terms of the department or the endowment. Student Life is uninvolved in these accounts. Student organizations cannot place their funds into an academic department or endowment fund. At the start of academic years, the Director of Student Activities reports officially recognized advisors to the Controller over budgeting. The Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students, and Director of Student Activities have access to all student club and organization accounts. All student clubs’ and organizations’ budgets are accessible and controllable by Student Life.