2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 95 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 • Being listed in various University publications • Using “Hardin-Simmons University” as part of the organization’s identity • Participating in organization fairs and Campus Connection • Publicizing approved announcements and events through all avenues and media that HSU offers to student organizations (e.g. bulletin boards, University calendar, etc.) • Decorating a bulletin board in the Moody Center Basement • Acting as a student organization on and off the HSU campus • Creating a Canvas page for an organization • Listing an organization on Co-Curricular Transcripts Advisors • Be aware of the history, purpose, and activities of the organization by communicating with leadership on a regular basis. • Advisors will be included in the judicial process regarding unacceptable behavior or activities by the organization. The Dean of Students determines the level of involvement. • Attend at least one meeting per semester. • Be available as a mentor for organization members in making decisions regarding the organization. • Provide continuity for the organization from year to year. • Be acquainted with the handbook and organization’s constitution, enforcing policies when needed. • Follow any guideline set forth in an organization’s constitution regarding the advisor role. • Submit an advisor form each year, stating their involvement. • Advisor training is necessary for those in Categories I & II or for those organizations opting in to student organizations. • Advisors who are unable or unwilling to accept these responsibilities may be removed from their position. 27.3 Student Government Funding Requests The Student Government Association will accept funding requests of University Recognized organizations at the beginning of each semester that would be applied to that semester’s operational budget for the requesting group upon approval. To receive operational funds from the Student Government Association, the requesting group must be university recognized and must provide a detailed budget request including the benefit of the funds to campus as a whole. If the request is approved, the Student Government Association executive team will decide what amount to provide to the requesting group. Once a group has received the requested amount, they must later prove with receipts or invoices that they spent the funds on what it was requested for. If the group fails to prove their spending appropriately, they will then be stripped of the funding benefit for the following fall and spring semesters. The Student Government Association will make the funding request process available to groups within the Tier 1 category. 27.4 Spiritual Clubs Student clubs sponsored by non-Baptist Christian denominations or church college groups are eligible for formal recognition as a university sponsored club under the following conditions: