2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 93 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 24. Solicitation To protect the integrity of the HSU Campus Community, no salespeople, even if they are students, are permitted to sell or solicit on campus. Commercial advertisements of any kind are also prohibited on campus. Permission for functions, organizations, and businesses that fit with the mission of Student Life may be approved in advance by Student Activities. 25. Sports Students are encouraged to participate in the many athletic opportunities offered on campus. Many students also have pick-up games or play sports on campus lawns. Students should consider the surroundings when playing including the following policies: 25.1 No balls or Frisbees should be thrown near windows or pedestrian pathways. 25.2 Due to damage of the grass and the potential for broken windows and sprinkler heads, hitting of golf balls is not permitted anywhere on campus. 25.3 After 10:00 p.m. noise levels should be kept to a minimum in consideration of those living in the residence halls and the surrounding neighborhood. “Campus golf” which uses tennis or whiffle balls has been a HSU favorite alternative, and more information on the sport can be obtained through Outdoor Recreation. They also have mobile disc golf stations that can be set up for students to use at programs or for general recreation. 26. Student Conduct and Regulations All regulations and policies in the Student Handbook apply to any student enrolled in HSU, regardless of the number of hours enrolled, academic classification, or age. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of and follow these regulations, as well as those in the Undergraduate Catalog. Hardin-Simmons employees and students should strive to conduct themselves in accordance with Christian principles both on and off campus. Recognizing the developmental stage of most university students, the university policy sets boundaries and establishes disciplinary procedures that allow administrators to work with students as they mature and learn. The guiding principle recognizes the sinfulness and weakness of man and the redemptive, forgiving nature of God. The mission of the Student Life staff is to work with students in a redemptive stance for as long as a student shows a willingness to grow and learn. As an institution, HSU holds the value that the act of sex should be reserved for marriage between a man and a woman. Any sexual act outside of this definition is outside the bounds of how we interpret God’s word in the Bible. Education of a biblical view of sexual relations is the outcome that we seek. When a complaint or violation of the policy shows that a student acted outside of our biblical values of dignity and respect, we will address the conduct and hold students accountable. Misconduct is a matter of serious concern, and the university attempts to provide fair and reasonable treatment in all disciplinary matters. However, in all cases of violation of university rules and regulations, or of actions in