2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 88 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 • The length of the relationship • The type of relationship • The frequency of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship 22.5.7 Stalking Stalking is engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to: 1) fear for his or her safety or the safety of others; or 2) suffer substantial emotional distress. Acts can include, but are not limited to, threats to harm self, others, and property; following; non-consensual communication; unwanted gifts; and trespassing. Stalking can also include cyber-stalking such as via internet, social media, texts, and phone calls. 22.6 Procedures and Reporting If a student experiences sexual misconduct that person should: • If there is any immediate danger, call campus police at 325-670-1461 if on campus or 911 if off campus. • Go to a safe place and speak with someone you trust. Tell this person what happened. • Strongly consider securing immediate support to assist in this crisis. The following options are available: ✓ Title IX Coordinator, Megan Baldree (325-670-1831) o Receives and processes inquiries and complaints from the campus community and third parties in a timely manner, provides a fair and neutral process for both the complainant and respondent o Develops and implements avenues for communicating resources and processes with students o Using the American Council on Education guidelines, develops and implements sexual assault procedures and keeps apprised of new developments and best practices in Title IX procedures o Works with University Police to provide Cleary reporting ✓ Office of Counseling Services (325-671-2272) o On-campus confidential resource. The Office of Counseling Services will not disclose what is discussed in session. ✓ Abilene Regional Victim Crisis Center (325-677-7895 -- 24 Hour Crisis Hotline) o The Abilene Regional Victim Crisis Center (RVCC) will arrange for a specific medical examination (SANE) at no charge. ✓ SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Program (325-670-2151) o Go to the Hendrick Medical Center Emergency Room (1900 Pine St.) and ask to see a nurse o In cases of sexual assault, and for the sake of your safety and well-being, immediate medical attention is encouraged to evaluate for physical injury, sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy. Further, being examined as soon as possible, ideally within 72 hours, is important for evidence collection, which may be used to support prosecution should the complainant decide to pursue criminal charges. To preserve evidence, it is best that a victim does not bathe shower, douche, or change clothes before the exam. Even if you have already bathed, you are still encouraged to have prompt medical care. Additionally, gather any bedding, linens, or unlaundered clothing and any other pertinent articles that may be used for evidence. ✓ Hardin-Simmons University Police (325-670-1461) Provides the option to file a criminal complaint and report. ✓ After hours, if the complainant lives on campus, an RA, RD, or campus police can typically help reach a confidential HSU counselor.