2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 81 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 If Student Organizations want to use the phrases “HSU,” “Hardin-Simmons,” or “Hardin-Simmons University,” logos of HSU, images that represent HSU, symbols of HSU, slogans of HSU, or any other HSU representative material, they must submit an electronic form found at https://hsustudentlife.wufoo.com/forms/student- organizations-organizations-design-request/ to request the ability to use any of these items in a public manner (digitally or printed). 19. Property Students should respect the property of others. They should not damage or abuse the property of the university or other students, nor should they appropriate, for their own use, the property of the university or of others without the consent of the owner of that property. Students should not enter any room or building without the consent of the owner of that property. Students will be charged for willful or negligent damages done to university property. 20. Procedures for Handling Student Grievances (other than grades) With Fellow Students, Faculty, or Staff A written grievance should be submitted to the Office of Student Life. The Dean of Students or designated official will discuss the grievance with the parties involved and bring suggested resolutions to the person lodging the grievance. Should satisfactory resolution of the issue be impossible at this level, the dean, in conjunction with the Vice President for Student Life, will appoint a committee (which will include a student) to develop a recommendation for a solution. 21. Residential Policies Students who reside on campus are not to maintain off-campus residences. 21.1 Candles and Open Flames Due to fire hazards, any open flame and/or the possession or use of flammable items such as candles (with or without wicks, burned or unburned), incense, potpourri, and lanterns are not permitted in any campus buildings including residence halls, houses, apartments, or community areas. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action, including confiscation, fines, and other sanctions. Candle warmers are not permitted, including those that heat up small blocks of wax. 21.2 Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures Emergency situations can occur at any time. Members of the university community have a responsibility to notify university officials of incidents/emergencies as they are observed. The Hardin-Simmons University Police Department should be notified of all emergencies. Upon initial observation or notification, HSUPD will respond to the scene and coordinate (as needed) with university officials concerning institutional response and/or community notifications.