2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 80 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 16.6(a). Fines and/or restitution 16.6(b). Loss of future posting and/or facilities use privileges 16.6(c). Loss of recognition for registered student organizations 16.6(d). Other disciplinary sanctions 16.6(e). Other educational sanctions appropriate to the circumstances University employees violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action by the university. Hardin-Simmons University reserves the right to update and amend this posting policy at any time. 17. Pranks As with every community environment, fun is a healthy and necessary ingredient for life together. Often students will choose to perform pranks on fellow residents, classmates, and the community. The university is concerned with the rights of those affected by pranks and urges those who choose to perform them to use good judgment and discretion. Students should keep in mind the following things should they choose to perform a prank. Pranks: • Take a great deal of effort to be done well. • Should be targeted only towards audiences which are certain to enjoy them. • Must not be defamatory. • Must not damage property. • Must be safe. • Must be fun for everyone involved at all levels. • Must not violate university policies. • Must not involve animals/insects, whether alive or dead. • Must not result in extra work for university employees. • Prank instigator(s) must help to return things to their original order if their assistance is so desired by the recipient(s). Those who choose to perform pranks must accept any consequences that may result. Even if all of the above are kept in mind when committing a prank, the university may still choose to take actions towards the individuals responsible if the prank causes a disruption or adversely affects someone. Should damages occur and the pranksters do not claim ownership to pay for the damages, the residents of the whole living area shall incur the cost of the damages. 18. Print and Digital Media Policy Student Organizations at HSU may freely promote their organization (no approval/permission is needed from the Office of University Relations or Student Involvement), or related student-organized activities or events, through any of the following media without identifying HSU by using the university's name (or variations thereof), logos, images, symbols or slogans: • Design and publish fliers, posters, or other printed materials intended for campus use only (posting of materials subject to approval by building supervisors) • Design and print t-shirts • Create and publish student club or organization social media accounts, hashtags, or websites