2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 79 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 16.2(c). Residence Halls Contact the Office of Residence Life, room 217 in Moody Center 16.2(d).Dining Halls/POD All postings, including table tents, must be approved by Dining Services, Kathy Diamond – Kathy- diamond@aramark.com 16.2(e). Student Centers All postings in the Moody Student Center must be approved by the Office of Students Activities, Moody Center Basement (B15, 670-1017). 16.2(f). Exterior Registered student organizations and departments may request to chalk OUTSIDE on the Hardin- Simmons University campus non-brick sidewalk areas. Only water-soluble chalk is permitted. Permission to chalk must be requested via email to the Office of Student Activities, courtney.hall@hsutx.edu 16.3 Prohibitions 16.3(a). Organizations must not place their posters such that they obscure the posters of others. 16.3(b). Using masking tape or other adhesives (including paste, glue, and spray adhesive), clear tape only. 16.3(c). Using nails, heavy gauge staples, or other metal fasteners. 16.3(d). Attaching posters to outdoor walls, trees, doors, light/telephone poles, sidewalks/walkways, stairwells, vehicles, roads, grassy areas, window/transparent surfaces, or other areas not expressly permitted through this policy. 16.3(e). Posting messages or symbols on grassy areas. 16.3(f). Hanging banners on external surfaces without first obtaining permission. 16.3(g). Causing damage to personal or university property. 16.4 Additional Restrictions and Requirements Hardin-Simmons University acknowledges that a policy of this nature may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise with respect to on-campus posting. As a result, the university reserves the right to impose reasonable restrictions and/or requirements with respect to time, place, and manner of posting activities. These restrictions may be in addition to, or in lieu of, those set forth in this policy. 16.5 Enforcement Postings displayed in violation of this policy will be removed, regardless of content. Outdoor areas will be checked periodically by the Student Activities Department. Materials not posted in accordance with this policy or posted past the time for the event will be removed by staff. The University Judicial System has jurisdiction over complaints filed against any university student, or registered student organizations(s), who destroys, defaces, or removes posters on university bulletin boards, or who posts material in a manner inconsistent with this policy. 16.6 Sanctions Sanctions for violation of this policy by students and/or registered student organizations include, but are not limited to: