2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 78 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 16. Posting All posters, fliers, and other materials to be posted on campus must be approved by Student Activities. Items for housing areas must also have the approval of the Residence Life Office. All postings are to have a stamp, signature, and removal date. Any individual or group requesting to place an advertisement is responsible for its removal by the marked date or will face restriction from posting in the future. Posting should only be done with tape that leaves no residue, and only in designated spaces (e.g., not on glass). This policy is designed to allow any registered student organizations, departmental organizations, administrative and academic departments, individual students, and individual employees to properly post items on Hardin- Simmons University campus property in a way that is consistent with the mission of the university. 16.1 Requirements All printed posters must include: 16.1(a). Name of the sponsoring organization, department, or responsible individual 16.1(b). Date, time and location of program 16.1(c). Approval from the appropriate department as required by location (see location information below) and receive the appropriate stamp, if one is required In addition: 16.1(d). Removal of the posted materials will happen no more than 24 hours after the date of the event. 16.1(e). Materials not associated with a specific event or program may be displayed for no more than 10 business days unless specific approval is obtained from the Office of Student Activities. 16.1(f). Materials must not be obscene or defamatory and must not violate university policy or federal, state, or local laws. 16.2 Locations Each building has specific procedures for posting materials within its own confines. Please note that these procedures may be more stringent than the general requirements provided below and may vary from building to building. In the event a specific posting policy by an academic or administrative facility conflicts with the requirements set forth below, that procedure takes precedence over these requirements. Building coordinators may remove materials that have not been posted according to the following: 16.2(a). General Guidelines (1) Only general-purpose bulletin boards in each building may be used for posting. (2) Posters or flyers must be affixed to bulletin boards with thumbtacks, pushpins or regular staples, not glue or tape; and magnetic boards with magnets, or a small amount of tape. (3) Posters or flyers must be limited to one per bulletin board per event. (4) Posters may not exceed 11 inches by 17 inches except with the authorization of the building coordinator or other authorized university official. (5) Bulletin boards that are labeled as “community only” are limited to that purpose and non- related announcements will be removed. (6) Posters or flyers may not be placed on interior or exterior walls, floors, doors, windows, sidewalks, statues, or public art. (7) General rule – If there is no other posting in the area, it is probably not an approved posting area. 16.2(b). Academic Facilities Consult the dean’s office of each school or college or the building coordinator in charge of each building.