2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 77 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 13.1. University Disciplinary Rules The law does not restrict the right of Hardin-Simmons University to enforce its own rules against hazing, and the university will take disciplinary action for conduct that constitutes hazing regardless of whether public authorities prosecute students under the state hazing law. 13.1(a). Hazing with or without the consent of the student is prohibited by Hardin-Simmons University. Both the individual(s) inflicting the hazing and the person submitting to the hazing are subject to disciplinary action. The fact that an individual consented to or acquiesced in a hazing activity is not a defense to prosecution of an offense under the hazing law, and neither will it be under the university’s disciplinary process. 13.1(b). Initiations or activities by organizations may not include any feature which is dangerous, harmful or degrading to the student. A violation of this prohibition renders both the organization and participating individuals subject to discipline. In an effort to encourage reporting of hazing incidents, the court may grant immunity from civil or criminal prosecution to any person reporting a specific hazing incident involving a student in an educational institution to the Dean of Students or other appropriate official at HSU. A person reporting in bad faith or with malice is not protected by this section. 14. Items Not Allowed on Campus Highway markers, street signs, other official markers and empty alcoholic beverage containers are not allowed in campus housing. Possession of official markers is illegal in the Texas Penal Code as well as in many city ordinances. The repair or storage of motorcycles and the storage of gasoline or other similar flammable substances in the residence halls is not allowed. Lewd posters and/or pictures, alcoholic beverages, empty alcoholic beverage containers, illegal drugs, or any other materials that reflect negatively on the values of the university are prohibited. Open flames of any kind are prohibited in the residence halls because of fire hazard. Surveillance cameras are not allowed in student rooms. See the entire section devoted to Weapons at the end of this Handbook. 15. Movies on Campus It is illegal to view movies rented or purchased for private use in public areas except for academic purposes under the direction of faculty. Because residential common areas are limited to the residents of that building, watching movies in the lobby or living space is permitted. Student Activities does purchase the rights to movies for viewing on campus. Students should speak to Student Activities in the Moody Student Center if they would like to be involved in promoting or hosting a campus movie. Viewing or showing X-rated or pornographic materials is never allowed on campus.