2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 67 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 resident. Approved emotional support animals must be removed by the student when a student will be away from the residence hall for more than an extended time. Due to feeding and care, HSU will assume that an extended time is a maximum of 8 hours unless the student demonstrates how their pet can be without care for longer periods of time. 3.3(k). Assume full responsibility for cleaning up after an emotional support animal, including disposal of all animal waste in accordance with guidelines established by the Office of Residence Life. 3.3(l). Emotional support animals must be immunized against diseases common to the type of animal. 3.3(m). Emotional support animals must be contained within the privately assigned residential area (room, suite, apartment, or house) at all times, except when transported outside the private residential area in an animal carrier or controlled by leash or harness. Animals other than dogs on a leash are not allowed on campus grounds. 3.4 Removal of Service and Emotional Support Animals Service and emotional support animals may be removed by the HSU Police or the Dean of Students. They will work with the owner/handler to determine reasonable alternative opportunities to participate in the university service, program or activity without having the service or emotional support animal on university premises. Service and emotional support animals may be removed for the following reasons: 3.4(a). Out of control service animal: An owner/handler may be directed to remove a service or emotional support animal that is out of control when the owner/handler does not or cannot take effective action to control the animal. If the improper animal behavior occurs repeatedly, the owner/handler may be prohibited from bringing the service animal into any university facility or emotional support animals may be excluded from university living areas until the owner/handler can demonstrate that she or he has taken significant steps to mitigate the behavior. 3.4(b). Non-Housebroken Service Animal: An owner/handler may be directed to remove an animal that is not house-broken. 3.4(c). Direct Threat: An owner/handler may be directed to remove an animal that the Dean of Students determines to be a substantial and direct threat to the health and safety of individuals. A direct threat may be based upon the poor health of the animal, a substantial lack of cleanliness of the animal, or the presence of an animal in a sensitive area such as certain laboratories or mechanical or industrial areas. Instances of abuse of a service/emotional support animal will be referred to the Dean of Students. Any violation of the rules may result in immediate removal of the animal from the university and may be reviewed through the student judicial process. The owner will be afforded all rights of due process and appeal as outlined in that process. Should the approved animal be removed from the premises for any reason, the owner is expected to fulfill his/her housing obligations for the remainder of the housing contract. 3.5 Conflicting Disabilities Individuals on the university campus may have allergic reactions to animals that are substantial enough to qualify as a disability. In such cases, the university will consider the needs of both persons in meeting its obligations to reasonably accommodate all disabilities and to resolve the problem as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. Students requesting allergy accommodations should contact the HSU Office for Students with Disabilities and employees requesting accommodations should contact Human Resources. 3.6 Pets A “pet” is an animal kept for ordinary use and companionship. A pet is not considered a service or emotional support animal.