2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 53 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 Housing Liability Statement The university is not liable for damages to property or injury suffered or alleged to be suffered in or around university housing. While the likelihood of issues arising is rare, student residents agree to maintain liability insurance and/or renters insurance to protect against loss or damage caused by earthquake, fire, theft, water, other disasters, or from any other cause whatsoever. The university does not provide insurance for personal property and strongly encourages students to examine and partake in insurance coverage while in residence. Students with Disabilities HSU will provide services to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities. However, HSU does not offer separate degree plans for a program of remedial instruction designed for students with disabilities. Any person who has been accepted for admission to the university and who wishes to disclose his or her disability should request accommodation through the Disability Services Office. A student who makes a disclosure of a disability has the legal responsibility to request any special accommodations in a timely manner, allowing reasonable time for the university to respond. The student has the additional responsibility to provide the institution with appropriate current (within a three-year period) documentation of the disabling condition. Completion of the required documentation is necessary in order to allow the university to determine reasonable accommodation of needs. The Disability Services Office is located in Sandefer Memorial, Room 209. Tutoring Services The HSU Tutorial Program is available to all students seeking assistance primarily in core classes. It is a free service through which students receive peer tutoring. For more information, please contact the Office of Academic Support at 325-670-1495. Tutoring Locations • Centralized tutoring, 1 st floor of Skiles every Tuesday from 6:30 – 9 p.m. • Writing Center: Abilene Hall, 313 • Language Lab: Abilene Hall, 204 • Math Lab: Sid Richardson, B-2 Writing Center The HSU Writing Center (WC) is a student-centered resource that offers free and individualized assistance with writing to all disciplines. The WC accepts walk-ins and/or appointments. Students can expect to be greeted by a friendly staff of tutors. The sessions involve working with a WC tutor to first define goals, such as ideas on how to get started on an assignment, clarification/organization of ideas, improvement of grammatical skills, or proper citation of sources. A healthy part of the writing process for all good writers is the step of gaining expert feedback. Students who come to the WC engage in an active partnership in the consultation and revision process, thus gaining the chance to take ownership in the educational experience. The ultimate goal of the WC is to help students gain maturity and confidence in their ever-growing writing skills. Students should not expect a proofreading service. Although the WC does not offer quick fixes, the tutors do teach others how to proofread their own work. The tutors extend guidance and, if requested, email professors a brief summary of the conference. Professors are also encouraged to visit the WC to submit specific instructions on their respective assignments so that the tutors can better assist those students.