2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 48 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 • Keep all electrical appliances and cords safely away from bedding, curtains and other flammable material. • Unplug small household appliances when not in use and all electronics when away for extended periods. • No triple adapters or cube adapters are permitted as they do not have the appropriate over-current protection or reset capabilities. Though it may seem like an inconvenience, the Hardin-Simmons University list of prohibited items is also important to follow in order to ensure the safety of all residents. In residence halls, only small appliances with enclosed coils are permitted (i.e. corn poppers, hair dryers, coffee pots). Restricted appliances/items include: • Hotplates • Refrigerators and/or refrigerator/freezer combinations larger than 4 cubic feet • 5-Light floor/desk lamp with plastic shades • Toasters & toaster ovens • Microwaves • Open skillets • Deep fat fryers • George Forman type grills, and similar appliances • Candle warmers Each residence hall has a kitchen area where these appliances are permitted with proper use. If students have a suggestion for additional equipment in the kitchen area, they should speak to the Residence Director. Students living in university owned apartments and houses should also take caution when cooking. Stove burners, tabletop grills, toasters, and other appliances that heat up should never be left unattended. Some toaster ovens get hot enough to ignite notebooks and loose papers, so residents are asked to keep counters clear and always unplug the appliance after use. Older wiring and outlets may not be able to handle the increased electrical demand of today’s electronics. If use of a device frequently causes power to trip off, or if its power cord or the outlet feels hot, it should be disconnected immediately and the condition reported to the Resident Assistant or Residence Director of the resident’s assigned living area. Fire Safety It is important to know evacuation procedures and emergency exit locations in the event of a fire. Fire alarms should always be taken seriously, never ignored or assumed to be a drill. If a fire alarm sounds or a staff member sounds the alarm for a fire, residents should calmly and quickly follow practiced procedures and immediately exit the building. Doors should be closed behind residents to prevent fire spread. Campus fire safety equipment is an important, life-saving necessity. Individuals who tamper with fire safety equipment place themselves and the campus community at risk. Tampering with any smoke detector, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, fire safety map/signs, fire access key or fire exit is strictly prohibited. Any person found responsible for tampering with fire safety equipment will be fined $100 in addition to any repair or replacement costs. If the person responsible is not identified, the fine and repair/replacement cost will be distributed between all members of the living area. Each residence hall room, apartment, and house is supplied with a working smoke detector. Should residents experience any problems with their smoke detector, contact a Residence Life Staff member immediately.