2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 44 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 The student will have the right to obtain reproduced copies of educational records subject to actual cost of reproduction. The student will have the right of response for reasonable requests with regard to explanations or interpretations of the records. The student will have the opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of his educational records to ensure that misleading and inaccurate statements are not contained therein. The student may request a hearing to settle any dispute over the accuracy or appropriateness of a record. The hearing may be informal or formal in nature. An informal hearing may be conducted by the student and the administrator who is responsible for the keeping of the record in question. A formal hearing may be conducted upon the student’s written request to the administrator who is responsible for keeping the records. A panel of persons who do not have direct interest in the outcome of the hearing will then be appointed by the president of the university subject to approval by the student involved. The hearing will be held within a reasonable time, and a decision will be rendered in writing within a reasonable time. The university will not permit access to or release educational records or personally identifiable information, other than campus directory information, without the written consent of the student. Directory information is information which is customarily made public without the written consent of the student. A student may request that the university not disclose directory information by making written notice to the Office of the Registrar on or before the last official day to register for the fall semester. A request for nondisclosure will be honored for only one academic year or until the university receives written notification that information should no longer be withheld, whichever occurs first. Directory information may include: name, address, telephone number, dates of attendance, classification, a class schedule for the current semester, previous institution(s) attended, major field of study, awards, honors, degree(s) conferred and date(s), past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities, and physical factors of athletes (age, height, weight). Personally identifiable information includes: the student’s parent or other family member, a personal identifier such as the student’s social security number, date and place of birth, a list of characteristics which would make identification of the student possible, or other information which would make it possible to identify the student with reasonable certainty. HSU reserves the right to give directory information to the public only on individual students. The student will be required to submit written consent with his/her signature or electronic PIN authorizing the university to release educational records (transcripts may be ordered in HSU Central Self-Service: Students, Student Profile, Order Transcripts) to individuals (including parents) or agencies. Students may request and receive copies of all released information subject to payment of costs for the copies. The university may release personal information to appropriate persons or agencies without student or parental consent if such information is deemed necessary to protect the health or safety of a student or other persons. The university will maintain a record indicating all parties who have requested or maintained access to a student’s records (other than university personnel). The record will indicate the legitimate interest that such parties had for obtaining the information. Such records of access will be kept in the Office of the Registrar and will be available to the student on request. Students have the right to file a complaint with the Family Policy Compliance Office, Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20202, concerning any alleged failure by this institution to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.