2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 42 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 Student Publications The Student Publications Committee is charged with advisory and administrative responsibilities over all student publications. The committee is composed of faculty/staff members and students appointed by the University Committee on Committees and approved by the administration. The director of student publications, who is appointed by the administration, will be a member of the Student Publications Committee. The committee, with the approval of the administration, will name the faculty advisor for each student publication. Student editors and student business managers will be responsible for the production of their publications. In order to qualify for a scholarship position, applicants must meet the criteria given in the university’s General Regulations Governing Scholarships and Grants, as stated in the University Catalog. The number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship will be based upon funds allocated in the annual budget. By a majority vote, and upon recommendation of the faculty/staff advisors, the Student Publications Committee will have authority to remove, discharge, and replace editors, staff members, or business managers for any one or a combination of the following offenses: 1. Dereliction of duties 2. Disregard for recommendations of the faculty advisor and/or the Student Publications Committee 3. Intentional publication of false, libelous, or defamatory material 4. Publication of obscene writing, photographs, or other material which is judged by university standards to be in bad taste 5. Disregard for sound business practices 6. Failure to maintain required grade point average The HSU Brand The Brand is a nonprofit campus newspaper. In some cases, the Brand may serve as a laboratory for those students enrolling in specified courses within the Department of Communication. The Brand is also, to some extent, a forum for student views. Since some of the student staff members may be training for careers in communication professions and related fields, policies and style of the Brand will conform closely to those of reputable and professional papers. Since the Brand, as well as its contributors, may be subject to libel laws, all editorials, opinion columns and letters to the editor will be read closely by the editor before they are published. The faculty/staff advisor will be consulted on any controversial material. Although no specific editorial policy is ordered or recommended, students should keep in mind that the Brand may circulate far beyond the HSU campus. Editorials that may be clearly understood on campus may be grossly misinterpreted, to the detriment of the university, by persons on the outside. The Corral The Corral is an annual publication issued in the spring and designed to offer both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to publish creative literature and art work. There are two student editors, a literary editor and an art editor. There is a faculty/staff sponsor (the director of the Creative Writing Workshop) and a faculty art advisor. The student editors are directly responsible to these sponsors.