2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 40 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 Social Club (Greek) Life At HSU, we have a healthy social club life that is made up of several local clubs (created by HSU students on our campus) and some national service and academic clubs. These groups give our social club students a place to fit into our campus while also contributing to the overall reach of our programs and activities. Stampede Each school year begins for new HSU Students BEFORE the first day of classes. After students move into their residence halls, they get to spend several days learning about HSU’s campus, meeting other first-year students and upper-class students, getting just-in-time information related to academics, and having a ton of fun with their Stampede groups. Nobody should miss out on this great, free opportunity! Many students apply to be a part of the staff for Stampede. Each fall, the Office of Student Involvement hires the Steering Committee that spends all year planning Stampede for the following school year. To be eligible for Steering Committee, students must have served within another Stampede Leadership position. During the spring semester, the Student Involvement Office selects group leaders (Wranglers) and support staff (SWAT) for the following Stampede. Any student is eligible to apply for these fun and exciting positions on Stampede staff! Student Activities The vibrant social atmosphere on campus provides many opportunities for student interaction and fellowship. Students have the opportunity to take advantage of the programs hosted by student activities to help enrich their time as a student at HSU. In addition to student activities, the various clubs, organizations, SGA and residence hall leadership provide activities in which all currently enrolled HSU students may participate. Student Activities is currently made up of three student-led planning teams: • SABERS – Student Activities Board – is the oldest student activities board on the HSU campus. SABERS are the face of student activities, planning some of the university’s most noteworthy events including: Pumpkinpalooza, Gilbert’s Birthday, HSU Day at the Zoo, Blacklight Breakdown, Welcome Week and Homecoming festivities. To become a SABER, students must demonstrate prior leadership experience through a student activities leadership group and participate in our application and interview process held every spring semester. • SPARK – Spontaneously Planned Activities - plans and executes consistent programming and pop-up events throughout the school year. SPARK meets weekly to plan events, games, tournaments and celebrate unique and fun holidays. To become a member of SPARK, students must have an interest in learning how to plan and execute events, and participate in our interview and selection process. No prior leadership experience is required to apply. • FreshCo - Freshmen Leadership Council – is a partnership between student activities and the Baptist Student Ministries to plan 4 major events throughout the fall semester. These students participate in leadership development facilitated by both the Coordinator of Student Activities and the Director of Baptist Student Ministries. To participate in FreshCo, students must attend weekly meetings, provide a FreshCo application and participate in 2 of the 4 campus events. Student Government Association The Student Government Association of HSU was established to be the voice of the students. The SGA is made up and administered entirely by students and is the representative body of the students at HSU. The purpose of Student Government is: • To be the voice of the student! The Student Government Association strives to be the student voice by serving as a sounding board and representing the opinions, needs, interests, and concerns to HSU administration and the Board of Trustees.