2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 33 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 Damages will be assessed for use of any material which defaces walls or ceilings. Decals may be used on glass surfaces only but must be removed when residents check out. Decals may not be applied to wooden or painted surfaces. Students are required to maintain rooms in an orderly and hygienic manner. Personalizing Living Spaces and Decoration Hardin-Simmons University extends the privilege of personalizing individual living areas in ways that enhance an enjoyable living environment consistent with the philosophy of the campus community. Every effort is made to prepare clean, functional spaces for residents upon move-in. Residents are expected to make every effort to return their living area to its original condition before they leave housing. Below are guidelines for residents as they create a personal environment: • Residents are expected to keep rooms clean. Rooms will be assessed on a regular basis by Residence Life staff members to check for health, safety, and violations. • Items not in keeping with the character of the university are not to be displayed in student rooms or on university property. This includes wall coverings involving nudity or morally objectionable or socially offensive material, stolen property (including road signs), containers for alcoholic beverages or tobacco products, and other alcohol- or drug-related paraphernalia (signs, posters, etc.). • Nails, screws, tape, or other adhesives that cause damage or leave sticky residue on the walls may not be used. Mounting items on walls should be done with care. • Removal of university furniture from student living areas is prohibited. Residents will be charged for missing or damaged furniture. • Residents may bring their own furniture; however, it must be free-standing and not attached to walls, ceilings or floors in any way. All personal furnishings brought into a living area must comply with fire safety codes. Residents must remove any personal furniture at check-out or removal fees will be applied. • Residents are expected to accept responsibility for damages and replacement of missing items. • Student rooms, lounges, and hallways are painted and updated according to the maintenance schedule. Permanent changes to residential spaces are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to painting or wallpapering the student rooms, apartments, houses, or any common spaces. Any improvement made to university-owned housing becomes the property of the university. • Students are not to tamper with electrical wiring, switches, outlets, or fixtures, or to cover their room numbers. Students may not tamper with ceiling- or wall-mounted lights. Requests for new lightbulbs may be made a t https://hsustudentlife.wufoo.com/forms/pk8yd101yfmu7q/ • Tampering with university property is prohibited. Screens are to remain in place and fire equipment is to be used only for intended purposes. Removing furniture from public areas is prohibited. In living areas with false ceilings, tiles are not to be removed for any reason, including the storage of belongings. • Students are not permitted to hang anything out of their residence hall/apartment/house windows. This includes, but is not limited to, flags. • Window screens are considered permanent fixtures and may be easily damaged; removing them for any reason other than an emergency will result in a $100 fine. Additional charges may be assessed if damage or loss occurs. • Lofts are prohibited in all HSU living areas. The construction of a loft for use in a residence hall room, apartment, or house will result in a fine, followed by a removal and disposal of the loft by campus personnel.