2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 31 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 • $100 disposal fee for each large piece of furniture left behind • $100 minimum fine for damages to window screens Resident must complete an "Exit Survey" and return a confirmation page to the Resident Assistant prior to the time of check-out. Failure to complete the exit survey will result in a $25 fine. Resident Damage Assessment • Once a student has checked out, Residence Life will send information to the Business Office regarding damage charges and any additional fees. To check out of campus housing (either during the academic year or at the end of the semester), the student must complete the formal check-out procedure with a Resident Assistant or complete the Express Housing Check-Out process. Students checking out of housing using the Express Housing Check-Out option are expressly stating that any and all damage reported by Residence Life Staff when a walk-through is completed is accurate. Residents have the opportunity to contest any additional damage charges no more than 30 calendar days from the date of their check out, after which the charges are final. • Damage assessments are made by the Residence Life Staff with the help of the Facilities Department upon check-out. When damages have occurred or students fail to meet cleanliness requirements as set by the Residence Life Staff, a fine may be assessed. Charges are based on the cost of repair, replacement, or cleaning. A student may schedule a formal check-out with their Resident Assistant to evaluate their living space before leaving. • Common areas will be checked by the Residence Life Staff once all residents have vacated the living areas. Unless someone has claimed the damage, damages in the common areas will be divided equally among all of the residents assigned to the living area. Once the living area is completely vacated, facilities personnel will do a walk through to assess these damages; any additional damages that may have been missed will be assessed to the residents of that living area. • All damage charges and fines will be billed to the student account of the responsible party or parties. Early Arrivals for Residential Students Each semester, returning students may check into housing during a one to two day period before the first day of class as defined by Residence Life. The Residence Life Office may authorize select students to check into housing early. Essential student workers, athletes in season (whose official training and/or competition begins prior to the beginning of the semester per NCAA guidelines), and approved student leaders may check into housing early providing their supervisor officially notifies the Residence Life Office no less than four weeks prior to the desired move-in date. Students who qualify for early arrival will not be billed for additional fees for the period between the last summer session and the fall session. Students approved to move in early are permitted to move in the day before their official start date and no earlier. Because the Residence Life Staff will be in training prior to the start of classes, students must check in during specific, predetermined times. All students arriving early must follow strict behavioral guidelines and sign an Early Arrival Contract before checking into housing and receiving their room key. Changing Room Assignments The HSU room assignment process is completed using the information students provide to Res Life Central, intentionally matching roommates who have similar reported schedules, likes, and areas of study. Because of the intentional process taken by the Residence Life Staff in this process, once room assignments have been made, no changes will be discussed until students arrive on campus for the semester; any potential moves must receive prior permission from the assigned living area Residence Director. Please note that a Room Change Request is initiated through the Residence Director and must be authorized by the Residence Life Office before the student may move.