2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 26 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 HSU Residency Requirements Students who live on campus at HSU have higher grades, faster graduation rates, and are more connected to other students and faculty through the campus experience. As a residential campus, HSU wants all students to thrive both in and out of the classroom all four years. We firmly believe that the relationships built in a vibrant community led by Residence Life Staff will empower students to make connections between faith, living, and learning within a diverse community. With this philosophy, HSU policy is that all undergraduate students taking more than six semester hours are required to live on campus. Students may request an exception to the policy under one of the following conditions: • Student is legally married to a person of the opposite sex and can submit a marriage certificate. • Student is an Abilene area resident living with their parent(s) when applying to HSU and wishes to continue living in their parent(s) home. The Abilene area is considered within a 25-minute commute to the HSU campus via Google Maps. • Student is 21 years old by August 1 for the fall semester or by January 1 for students admitted for the spring semester. Students must be in good standing with HSU and meet the following standards before they are eligible to apply for a housing exception: • Must not have an outstanding balance on their student account. • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA. • Must not be on disciplinary probation. • If student is under 21, they must have completed 4 semesters of university residency if admitted for fall semesters, or completed 3 semesters of university residency if admitted spring semesters. Residency at other universities and overseas programs will be considered but must be submitted with the exception request. • Housing agreements with HSU are for the duration of an academic year. Unless a student is getting married, or has a child mid-way through the academic year, HSU will only process exceptions for fall semesters. International students are under the care of HSU services and are highly encouraged to live on campus during their full visit to the United States. Connecting to services off campus can be very difficult for international students. Those living off campus are not under the umbrella of HSU services, including police, nutrition and dining, internet services, and 24-hour emergency and residential response teams. For these reasons, exception requests by international students will be required to meet higher standards, demonstrating that the student can be successful without any of the HSU campus services. Housing Exception Requests Requests to live off campus must be filed on the Residence Life website by August 1 for the fall semester and by January 1 for the spring semester. For any admission exceptions past these dates, the student will have 7 days from their admission to apply for a housing exception. As a residential campus, room and board charges will be placed on the student’s account each semester until the student has been granted an exception to live off campus. Refunds are not available for students who fail to request an exception on time. Students who are required to live on campus are expected not to maintain off campus residences or be in a cohabitation relationship off campus. Hardin-Simmons values the integrity of students as a part of the larger community, which includes the housing process. As a result, if a student fails to check in to their residence hall without notification by the first day of classes, or fails to continue living on campus during the semester, it may be viewed as a student conduct violation.