2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 21 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 • When hanging items on a wall or from the ceiling, use only an adhesive that can be removed completely and will not cause damage of any type or leave any type of residue. • All decorations, tape, etc., should be completely removed by the group that has used them. • All groups using food and beverages must have approval of the food service management. Contact Kathy Diamon d diamond-kathy@aramark.com for approval. • Irresponsible use of rooms or equipment could result in the cancellation of room reservations and/or a fine for any damages. Registration of an event on the university calendar does not constitute a reservation for a room nor for campus dining services. The Official University Ring During the final semester before their graduation, each student is eligible to receive th e Official University Ring from HSU. Ring sizing is conducted near the beginning of each semester. The University President or his surrogate will personally present the ring to each student individually during that semester’s Ring Rally and Presentation Ceremony. A student who orders his or her ring too late for it to arrive by the ceremony date may still participate in the ceremony and thus be eligible to receive his or her ring as soon as it arrives. Ordered rings not picked up during the Official Ring Ceremony will be available for pick-up during the week of Commencement in the Office of Alumni Relations. The only exception is related to university-sanctioned activities which completely prevent a student from attending the ceremony. If a written note signed by the responsible faculty member is delivered to the Office of Alumni Relations prior to the ceremony, the student named in the note may pick up their Official Ring the week following the ceremony. After that week, rings will no longer be available until the week of graduation. Following graduation, the student may pay to have it shipped to his or her home. Rings not claimed within two weeks following graduation will be returned to the manufacturer and will no longer be available. All alumni and students who have completed 60 hours are eligible to purchase the Official University Ring at any time. Physical Therapy Clinic The HSU Doctor of Physical Therapy program provides a physical therapy clinic on Fridays, which is free to students. An appointment is required and can be made by calling 325-670-5860. The clinic is located in the Mabee Hall Physical Therapy Building. Recreation Facilities Mabee Complex Rules Students are encouraged to make use of all physical education and recreation facilities. These facilities are available except when in use by organized groups. Reservations and other information are available by calling 325-670-1327.