2017-2018 Student Handbook

Page 107 of 107 Updated 1.25.17 Nerf and water guns are the only projectiles that we do allow on campus, and we encourage students to be involved in our zombie games. If a student modifies a nerf gun, keep it a brightly colored toy so that it can’t ever be confused with a real gun. HSU prohibits weapons under Texas Govt. Code § 411.2031 (added by SB 11 § 1) that states that we may prohibit guns from campus after consulting with students, staff, and faculty. We will regularly consult with these bodies. Any comments or concerns in this area should be directed to the Dean of Students. HSU does allow for students to keep weapons on campus with the HSU Police Department. All firearms and ammunition must be checked into storage at the HSU Police Department and checked out when needed for sporting events, hunting, etc. Checking items in and out of the Police Department requires contacting the Police in order to have them walk firearms and ammunition to and from the vehicle. They can be checked out when needed for sporting events, hunting, etc. Any weapon confiscated from residence hall rooms, vehicles, etc., will be released upon the discretion of the Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students, Chief of Police, Director of Residence Life, or Residence Directors. Explosives of any kind are not allowed on campus. This includes all types of fireworks.