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Our campus is well-lit, with lights in parking lots, in areas with heavy

landscaping and trees, and along high-traffic pathways. There are six

emergency phones strategically located throughout campus. These

phones are connected directly to the University Police.

Emergency phone locations include:


Northwest side of Simmons Parking Lot


Behrens & Lange Resident Hall Parking Lot


Southwest corner of University Police Department


Northeast corner of Dyess Welcome Center


Northeast corner of Ferguson Residence Hall


Inside Physical Therapy Building on the north side of campus

Student Health Services

The Student Health Office is located in Moody Center Room 208 and

is staffed by a registered nurse Monday - Friday from 8 am – noon and

from 1 pm – 3 pm during long semesters. During summer semesters,

the office is open Monday – Thursday from 8 am – noon and from 1 pm

– 2 pm. Services are free and include assessment of minor illnesses,

first-aid, and over-the-counter medications. The student may see the

nurse on a drop-in basis. There is no physician on campus. The nurse

can assist the student in securing a physician’s appointment off campus

should the student need to see a physician.

The flu vaccine is available during flu season for a nominal fee.

Students needing allergy injections may receive them in the Student

Health Office with permission from the student’s allergist.

It is important that your student have a copy of his or her insurance

card (front and back). It is good to tell your student to carry the copy

in his or her wallet should the student need to see a physician while at

college. You might want to explain to your student that he or she may

need to pay a co-payment for medical appointments and prescriptions.

Hardin-Simmons University does not offer an insurance plan for

domestic students. However, the nurse has websites of some college

health plans should you desire that information.