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Student Activities Minions

The Student Activities Minions consists of students who help run multi-

ple events throughout the semester. The purpose of SAMmies is to open

up Student Activities and give more HSU students an opportunity to get

involved in planning events that happen on their campus. It also allows stu-

dents to share their ideas and see them come about for the whole campus

to enjoy. Students who participate in SAMmies will learn skills in advertising,

planning, and implementing campus-wide events. This will also help enhance

participation in HSU Student Activities.

Freshmen Activities Team

The Freshmen Activities Team is a group of freshmen who work together to

plan an HSU student event. Each Spring, this group of freshmen are led by

two members of the Student Activities Board to plan our end-of-the-year

event, May Day.

HSU Green

This student-based group, also known as the Green Team, raises ecological

awareness on campus in order for others to learn how lifestyle changes

geared toward helping the environment can make a difference in the world

around them.

The Mission of HSU Green is to:


Impact the campus, community, and world by confronting through a

Christian perspective, the environmental, economic, and social justice

issues of our day.


Educate faculty, staff, and students in sustainability and the ethical

responsibility we have in impacting our campus and community.


Implement practices and changes that contribute to a sustainable

and high quality of life on campus, in Abilene, and around the world.

Student Congress

Student Congress is a group of elected officers and attending members

who work to create a space for students to share ideas and concerns

about life at Hardin-Simmons University. Student Congress helps open

communication between students, organizations, and the administration to

form a more unified and proactive university experience.