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Fitness Center

The HSU Fitness Center, located on the second floor of the Mabee Athletic

Complex is available to all HSU students, faculty and staff. The Center in-

cludes a wide variety of cardiovascular machines as well as numerous weight

machines. A staff member is on-hand at all times to assist in any way.

Hours of Operation


6-7:45 am, noon-10 pm


1-5 pm



All students who represent the university in athletics must be concurrent-

ly enrolled in at least 12 semester hours and making satisfactory progress

toward graduation. They must have attained at least a 1.60 GPA if they

have attempted 12-32 semester hours, a 1.80 GPA if they have attempt-

ed 33-48 semester hours, or a 2.00 GPA if they have attempted 49 or

more semester hours. In order for a student to continue to represent the

university in any of the above-mentioned activities, a student must have

completed 21 hours in the past academic year.

Absences for athletic- or school-related participation are counted as any

other absence, and all absences, whether athletic-related or not, should

not exceed 25 percent of the class meetings and laboratory sessions

scheduled for a course. Regular and punctual attendance, therefore, is

expected and essential for success in a course. Accordingly, absence from

more than 25 percent of class meetings or laboratory sessions scheduled

for a course (including absences because of athletic-related participation)

is regarded as excessive, and a grade of F may be assigned as deemed

appropriate by the professor. Students may be required to make up any

classwork or assignments missed due to absence. Any student whose

absence was caused by (1) personal illness, (2) a death in the family, or (3)

authorized participation in official school functions will be given an oppor-

tunity to rectify, in a manner acceptable to the professor, any deficiencies

which may have resulted from such absence.

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