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In order for new students to receive accommodations for a disability,

they must apply with the Office for Students with Disabilities. Current

(within the past three years, or as an adult) and comprehensive

documentation of the disability must be provided to the Coordinator

for Students with Disabilities. Information concerning a student’s

disability is treated confidentially in accordance with University policies

as well as state and federal laws.

Documentation submitted to the Coordinator shall be reviewed to

verify the existence of a disability. If the documentation provided

by the student is determined to be insufficient by the Coordinator,

Hardin-Simmons University reserves the right to request additional

documentation considered reasonably necessary to determine

appropriate and effective accommodations on the college level.

Typical accommodations may include, but are not limited to:


Extra test time


Testing in a separate room


Use of a tape recorder or other assistive technology/software


Note-taking assistance


Use of a reader

College students typically experience a greater level of autonomy in

comparison to secondary education and must develop as individuals

and learn to employ their own skills in self-advocacy.

Some expectations of students entering a university setting include:


Develop routines and structured environments to achieve the

greatest potential for success


Develop effective time-management skills


Work closely with academic advisors to determine an appropriate

course load


Know and follow attendance policies and understand the

consequences for the choice to not attend class


Seek out resources and assistance to manage disability and



Eligible students seeking accommodations should contact the

Coordinator as soon as possible in the academic term (preferably

during the first two weeks of a long semester) for which they are

seeking accommodations.