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Consult with us when there is a problem:

University professionals are available at every juncture of your

student’s life and we are here to help with both academic and

personal development. Encourage your student to speak directly with

professors, a Residence Director, or the many other staff here to help

with college life. If you have a concern that you believe is more serious,

please don’t hesitate to contact me at 325-670-1250 or at bdawson@ If there is an immediate problem, please call our police

department at 325-670-1461.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that

protects the rights of students by defining who has access to student

educational records. Now that your student is in college, FERPA

laws transfer ownership of the educational records directly to the

student; therefore, parents have no inherent rights to view, change,

or control the student’s educational records. In general, unless your

child gives you access to her/his academic and or financial records, we

will not be able to share any related information with you. Academic

records include registration, schedule, and grades. The best way to

get this information is to ask your child to grant you access to her or

his account. If there is a medical emergency or your child goes to the

hospital, we will contact you immediately. Make sure that we have the

best phone numbers to reach you in case a medical emergency arises.

Hardin-Simmons University is an institution of outstanding education

and Christian values. I want every student to feel like they belong here

and we will cultivate a place where they can grow and thrive. I look

forward to meeting you and hope to partner with you on this next

chapter of your student’s life.


Brian Dawson

Dean of Students