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Letter from the

Dean of Students

Dear Parents,

We are so grateful that you have entrusted

Hardin-Simmons as the university for your

family. We are so proud of each and every

one of your students, and we are here to

inspire, applaud, and walk alongside them in

the hard times.

You have done a wonderful job of developing

your child emotionally, intellectually, and

spiritually; and now we are here to partner

with you as he or she matures into adult life.

Our goal is for the baton handoff to be as smooth as possible as you

leave them here with us at Hardin-Simmons. It has been my passion and

calling to live with college students and see them develop and grow over

the past 20 years. I also will be dropping my daughter off at college this

year, so I understand personally all the hopes and fears of parents in

your shoes. Here is some advice on how you can support your student

over the next year:

Don’t allow them home for the first month!

If a student is lonely and gets into the pattern of going home on the

weekends to connect with you and old friends, he or she will never

go through the normal adjustment period of making new friends and

bonding together with other students going through the same transition

issues. I promise that we will have so much going on during the first

month, including every weekend, that all students will have a great time

together. It is very important that they start at Stampede Week, and I

would like to connect with you at the parent orientation in August to tell

you about the programs we have for your student.

Listen without solving:

Students will interact with faculty, staff, and peers here every day, but

will still turn to you with all types of situations. Try not to solve your

student’s issues, but allow him or her to mature by asking about possible

solutions. Try moving from the role of parent to that of coach and