Emergency Desk Reference - Updated December 2016

Hardin-Simmons University Emergency Desk Reference Page 3 I NTRODUCTION This guidance document is intended to be used by faculty and staff of Hardin-Simmons University as a quick reference for recommended action in the event of an emergency or abnormal condition. A printed copy should be kept in a location that is accessible to all department personnel in the event of an emergency. For any other questions or comments, please contact the HSU University Police at (325) 670-1461. All faculty, staff, and students will automatically be included in an email notification system for emergencies. To receive text notifications on mobile devices or to set notification preferences, go to HSU Central and click on the HSU Alert icon. U NSAFE C ONDITIONS If you observe an unsafe condition that poses a threat of injury or property damage, you should contact the HSU Police Department at (325) 670-1461. All unsafe conditions should be reported to avoid injury or property damage. I NJURY OR I LLNESS If you become aware of a seriously ill or injured person you should: • Call 911. • Give the police as much information as possible about the injury or illness and the location of the victim. • Do not attempt to move a seriously injured person. • Remain with the person until the police or emergency medical personnel arrive. • If the injured person is an employee, contact his/her supervisor as soon as possible. AED (A UTOMATED E XTERNAL D EFIBRILLATOR ) L OCATIONS • Anderson Residence Hall • Behrens Residence Hall • Grape Street Sports Complex • Logsdon Chapel • Mabee Complex • Mabee Hall (Physical Therapy) • Moody Center • Sandefer Field House • Tennis Courts • University Police vehicles