2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

89 Education (EDUC) Courses EDUC 5324/5325 Internship I & II (3-X-X) involves teaching all day for the semester in an accredited school. To enroll in this course, the student must have completed all coursework except student teaching, have graduated, and be employed as a full-time classroom teacher in his/her certification field(s) by an accredited school district in the state of Texas. Hours earned will be awarded as graduate hours. Registration for this course is by permission of the dean only. Grade of (S) satisfactory or (U) unsatisfactory only given. Prerequisites: COHD 6325, 6315, EDUC 3338, 5340, 5371, & 5379. fall; spring. EDUC 5340 Current Issues in Special Education (3-3-0) Orients the regular classroom teacher to the issues affecting the field of special education now and in the future. A variety of handicapping conditions will be explored. Methods and strategies for dealing with such conditions in a regular classroom will be introduced and the inclusion model will be emphasized. Field experiences in multiple settings will be provided. fall; spring, summer I. EDUC 5371 Organization and Management for Teaching in the Middle Grades and Secondary Classroom (3-3-0) This field-based course gives an overview of instructional strategies and techniques for teachers at the secondary level. Within this course, the students will be exposed to methods for teaching at the secondary level while developing skills through micro-teaching. An in-depth examination of the TEKS and the lesson cycle will be presented, including the rationale for and practice of lesson planning. 15 hours of field experience are included. Additional assignments will be required to receive graduate credit. Prerequisites: COHD 6325, 6315. fall; spring. EDUC 5379 Capstone Course: The Professional Teacher (3-3-0) Serves as the culminating experience for the secondary education program. While focusing on issues and regulations in education, students are led to synthesize their knowledge, make decisions, and refine their expertise in order to make a smooth transition into the professional setting. A component of the course will involve the preparation of the student’s professional portfolio. Additional assignments will be required to receive graduate credit. Prerequisites: COHD 6325, 6315, EDUC 3338. fall; spring. ECED 5331 Teaching EC-6 Math (3-3-0) This course is designed to help EC-6 Generalist understand concepts and developmentally appropriate instructional strategies for math. Fundamental elementary math concepts such as development of early number concepts and number sense, number theory, operations, fractions and decimals, and problems solving is applied through active and investigative projects and activities. Students must complete two hours of field experience. Prerequisites: COHD 6325, EDUC 3338. spring ECED 3336 Teaching EC-6 Science (3-3-0) This course is designed to help EC-6 to understand and help apply hands-on and inquiry-based methods while teaching physical, life, earth, and space science content in EC-6 grades. This course requires an understanding of the EC-6 science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) through effective instruction and assessment. Students will complete two hours field experience . Prerequisites: COHD 6325, EDUC 3338. Seven hours of science (physical and natural) fall, spring. ECED 4315 Methods of Teaching Social Studies EC-6 Grades (3-3-0) This course is designed to help students develop an understanding of the value of social studies as well as provide strategies for effective integration of the various social science disciplines. An