2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

82 instruments in the identification of gifted potential, the nurturing of advanced abilities, and the evaluation of materials and programs to serve the gifted. Practical experiences in authentic assessment and the use of standardized instruments will be incorporated. Prerequisite: GIED 5397 GIED 6311 Creativity (3-3-0) Includes a study of the history, theory, and application of creative thinking and creativity models in teaching elementary and secondary students. Students will learn to increase thinking and productivity while minimizing teacher preparation time through creative problem solving and its application in content areas. Methods for encouraging students’ synthesis and evaluation levels of thinking across the curriculum will be explored. GIED 6312 Child and Young Adult Literature (also READ 6312) (3-3-0) See READ 6312 for course description. GIED 6313 Social and Emotional Issues in Gifted Education (3-3-0) Designed to investigate issues which impact advanced or gifted learners and gifted programs. Program prototypes and groupings for instruction which best meet the needs of advanced learners will be investigated. Topics include the role of the affective domain in gifted education, gifted special populations, perfectionism, underachievement, brain/intelligence research, and the role of parents in guiding the gifted. GIED 6314 Curriculum Development for Advanced or Gifted Learners (3-3-0) A consideration of the methodology and practices of curriculum development enables graduates to successfully develop a curriculum for advanced learners. Attention will be given to the differentiation of instruction and to a variety of models, strategies, learning experiences, and materials which can be adapted and integrated into an appropriate curriculum for gifted learners. Program prototypes and groupings for instruction which best meet the needs of advanced learners will be investigated. Prerequisites: GIED 5397 and GIED 6311. GIED 6315 Practicum in Gifted Education (3-3-X) Includes a directed teaching experiences in the application of concepts, strategies, materials, and evaluation procedures in a differentiated curriculum of gifted learners. Prerequisites: GIED/READ 5397, GIED 6311, GIED 6314, and consent of instructor. Education (EDUC) EDUC 5380 Digital Media and Curriculum Integration This course emphasizes twenty-first century skills including digital literacy, inventive thinking and collaboration. Students will explore the power of using multimedia projects by integrating digital products into a curriculum unit. Students will increase computer skills using software that combines a variety of multimedia including: text, still images, audio, video, video podcasting, and web publishing. EDUC 6301 Introduction to Research Techniques (3-3-0) An orientation to the methodology and skills needed to conduct research. Emphasis is placed upon the preparation and submission of a formal research proposal. Examples of quantitative and qualitative research designs and statistical methods will be included. EDUC 6305 Trends and Issues in Education This course explores the critical trends and issues studied and debated in the field of education. Students will examine current trends, historical origins, recurring issues, research findings, and resulting changes in policy, practice, and advocacy. Students will develop critical thinking and analysis skills needed to investigate and address educational issues. *See Reading Education section for Reading course descriptions.