2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

61 toward their BBA degree. By completing the remaining MBA core curriculum, electives, and all other requirements of the MBA, the student may receive the master’s degree upon the completion of 36 hours of graduate hour work that includes up to 6 hours taken as an undergraduate. The BBA degree will be awarded upon completion of all requirements for that degree program. Undergraduates in Graduate Courses In accordance with the standards of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools andPrograms (ACBSP), courses in the MBA program must be normally reserved for graduate students admitted to the MBA Program. Exceptions will be made only under the following circumstances: 1. The undergraduate has been admitted into the BBA-to-MBA EAGL Program. 2. The undergraduate is a senior with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2. 3. There is some extenuating circumstance which justifies allowing the undergraduate to take a graduate course. Enrollment in the graduate course must be explicitly approved on a case-by-case basis either by the Director of the MBA program or by the Dean of the Kelley College of Business. Time of Course Offerings MBA courses are offered fully online with select courses also offered in a hybrid format. Classes are offered either in 8 week or 16 week formats. The calendar of course offerings allows a student the possibility of completing their MBA in as little as one year. Contact the MBA Director for additional information on the Fast Track option. Comprehensive Exam The Master of Business Administration’s comprehensive examination will require knowledge of specific information drawn from accounting, finance, management, and marketing, or a combination of these, as well as some knowledge of international business, the legal and regulatory environment of business, ethics and social responsibility in business, statistical analysis, and economics. The student must successfully complete this exam (scale of 220 to 300) with a minimum score of 249. Should a student score below the minimum score, he/she will be required to pass a written and oral exam. Thesis Students selecting the thesis program must prepare their theses in accordance with the guidelines of the Kelley College of Business and the Office of Graduate Studies. A committee composed of three graduate faculty members will supervise the thesis. After beginning the thesis, the student must be continuously enrolled (fall, spring, and one summer term) for either Thesis or Thesis Renewal until completion. Students selecting this option must have the thesis completed and approved by the Kelley College of Business committee approximately six weeks prior to graduation. The approval process includes an oral defense of the thesis. The thesis program requires a minimum of six hours of thesis. Note: A thesis processing fee is assessed. Time Limit The student must complete the Master of Business Administration in five years from thesemester of first admission.