2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

2  Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education  Texas Association of Schools of Art  Alumnae of the University are approved for Membership in the American Association of University Women  Physician Assistant Education Association Hardin-Simmons University offers complete equality of opportunity to all qualified students without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, or handicap. Regulations regarding the release of student information are printed in the student handbook [Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (P. L. 93-380) as amended (P. L. 93-568)]. This printed catalog is current as of the printing date. Any changes required subsequent to this printing will be displayed in the online catalog : http://www.hsutx.edu/offices/registrar/catalog/. This catalog is not an irrevocable contract. The university reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, any provision or requirement, including, but not limited to, policies, procedures, charges, financial aid programs, refund policies, and academic programs. S TUDENT R ESPONSIBILITY The student is responsible for knowing the degree requirements and policies listed in this catalog. The student must be sure that all required documents, fees, and credentials are submitted by required deadlines to the Office of Graduate Studies. The student should consult this catalog, his/her graduate advisor, and the Office of Graduate Studies to ensure all degree requirements are being met. Office of Graduate Studies HSU Box 16210 Abilene, Texas 79698-6210 (325) 670-1298 Phone (888) 478-1222 Toll Free (325) 670-1564 FAX gradoffice@hsutx.edu