2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

26 accommodations should contact the coordinator as soon as possible in the academic term which they are seeking accommodations. The coordinator shall prepare letters to appropriate faculty members concerning specific, reasonable academic adjustments for the student. The student is responsible for delivering accommodation letters and conferring with faculty members. The coordinator shall consult with the student and with HSU faculty and staff to ensure delivery of appropriate support services and shall serve as liaison between the student and the faculty member as needed. AUDITS A student applying for admission to audit a class must complete an application, submit the $50 application fee, a student health form and furnish a letter of permission from the instructor of the course. There is a $50 per semester-hour audit fee. Students over the age of 65 can audit courses at no charge. The audit application is processed in the Office of the Registrar. A CADEMIC P OLICIES Grading System Grades in graduate courses indicate performance with respect to the quality of work at the graduate level. Please note that only graduate level courses are included in the graduate grade point average (GPA). Accordingly, students in graduate courses should be aware that grades are based upon more stringent criteria than those for undergraduate courses. Possible grades are: Grade* A Explanation Excellent Grade (Quality) Points 4 B Good 3 C Fair 2 D Poor 1 F Unacceptable 0 I Incomplete IP In Progress W Withdrew 0 WP Withdrew Passing 0 WF Withdrew Failing See Note CR Credit NC No Credit *A student who earns a grade of D, F, or WF will be placed on academic probation Grades of I and IP A student who has substantially completed a course but is lacking certain essentials of performance, due to circumstances beyond his/her control, may be given a grade of I. To obtain a grade in the course, the student must complete all requirements specified by the instructor by the end of the next long semester (fall or spring) following the date the grade was assigned. Failure to complete the requirements by this time will result in a grade of F. The grade of IP is available only when, by design, course work extends beyond the semester or term in which the course is scheduled. This grade implies satisfactory progress and is used primarily in internship, travel, and individual research courses. A grade of IP is not counted as an attempt in calculating grade point average and will convert to a grade of F after five years. Statute of Limitations on Changes in an Academic Record The statute of limitations for any change in an academic record is one year from the date of the