2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

170 I NDEX A Abbreviations-169 Academic Calendar-5 Academic Integrity Policy- 159 Academic Policies-26 Academic Probation-27 Acceptable Academic Progress-27 Accreditation-1 Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship-62 Administration and Faculty-162 Admission-21 Admission Policy-24 Applicants with Disabilities-25 Application Materials-21 Application Process-21 Audits-26 B Board of Trustees-161 Bookstore-15 C Career Services-33 Class Attendance-27 Course and Credit Requirements-29 Course Levels-30 Courses Dropped-14 Credit Balance-14 Counseling Services- 35 D Diploma Card-31 Distance Education-30 E Endowed Scholarships and Grants-17 Entrance Requirements-21 F Financial Aid-16 Financial Aid and Enrollment Requirements-16 Financial Information-10 Full Admission-24 G Gifted and Talented-80 Supplemental Certificate-80 Government Aid Programs-16 Grade Appeal Process-28 Grade Reports-27 Grades of CR and NC-27 Grades of I and IP-26 Grading System-26 Graduate Course Numbers- 29 Graduate Faculty-163 Graduate Programs-36 Graduate Studies Grievance Committee-28 Graduation Requirements- 29 H Honor Fraternities and Societies-20 Honors and Awards-20 Housing-15 I Institutional Aid-16 International Students-23 Internet Access-32 Internet Code of Ethics- 156 L Library Resources-32 Logsdon School of Theology-154 M Maximum Course Load-30 Memberships-1 Minors and Support Areas- 155 P Payment Deadlines-10 Payment of Accounts-10 Payment Options-10 Payment Plan-10 Professional Teacher Certification-24 Provisional Admission-25 R Refund Policy-14 S Scholarships/Fellowships-16 Statement of Purpose-9 Student Responsibility-2 Student Services-32 T Technology-32 Theological Education Scholarships-17 Thesis-31 Title IX-16 Transfer Credit-30 Tuition and Fees-11 V Veterans Benefits-17 W Withdraw-14 Withdraw During a Semester-27