2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

156 I NTERNET C ODE OF E THICS All users of Internet via Hardin-Simmons University’s agreement with our Internet Service Provider (ISP) must agree to observe and follow the policies listed below. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE POLICIES COULD RESULT IN THE LOSS OF ACCESS PRIVILEGES WITH NO REFUND. The following guidelines and policies do not cover all possible situations and problems; they have, however, been developed in an attempt to prevent problems. Please, for your sake, the protection of your access rights, the protection of HSU, and the protection/continued access via our ISP, ask about any questionable situations which are not covered by these guidelines and policies before acting. Purpose To enhance educational opportunities for HSU students, faculty, and staff with access to the Internet for educational purposes only. Access Codes/Passwords Access is based on per user system, meaning that your password and access are for you only. Allowing others to use your access may result in your losing access privileges. Posting Information/Messages on the Internet Your access may also be revoked if you: 1. Post any pornographic messages, images, etc. (It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE) 2. Post or send threatening, harassing, sexually explicit, or intentionally embarrassing messages. 3. Use email for business purposes, i.e., “for profit” ventures. 4. Initiate or participate in chain letters or pyramid schemes. Ownership of Email Hardin-Simmons University owns anymessages sent or received through access provided by HSU. While mail sent via the U.S. postal system is considered private and confidential, the same is not currently true of email. According to federal law, if you post email messages on a service provided by someone else, they can and do hold the right to inspect, alter, or otherwise control such messages. Please understand that it is not the intent of HSU to “snoop” in your email messages, censor you, or resort to other such repressive measures. Please remember that HSU could be ultimately held responsible for the messages you may send or receive. Hacking or Interference with other Computer Systems Automatic and immediate suspension of your access will occur if it is determined that you (or anyone using your access) have attempted or succeeded in changing other programs, have gained unauthorized access to other data or databases, or have changed any information in any database or format for which you are not authorized (keep any written authorizations for your protection). Viruses Automatic and immediate suspension of your access will occur if it is determined that you (or anyone using your access) have attempted or succeeded in creating, participating, or intentionally promulgating any virus or other destructive or interfering programs, files, or commands. Illegal Activity Use of access for any illegal activity may result in the loss of access and in criminal prosecution. Copying Files and/or Programs Do not copy other authors’ work, files, or programs without written consent (unless public copying rights are indicated). You must maintain the written consent for your protection. Burden of proof of permission to copy rests with the person copying.