2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

146 Program Director; 5) an open seat exist in the class the prospective student is transferring to. In general, the transfer student would likely sit through all courses in the curriculum, although some may not need to be retaken for credit. Tuition would remain the same no matter how many courses were being taken for credit. A maximum of one-third of the total hours required in physical therapy may be transferred provided the student did not compete the previous degree and that the transferring course work is approved by the Program Director. General Requirements for Early Admission & Post Baccalaureate Option Plans Letter grades are required in all prerequisite courses. Pass/fail or credit/no credit grades are not acceptable. Online courses may be acceptable for non-science pre-requisite courses but must be approved by the PT Director of Admissions. Prerequisite courses completed 10 years or more prior to the time of application are not acceptable. Applicants are encouraged to complete their science pre-requisites at a four-year university and only two science courses will be accepted from a community college. Average prerequisite and cumulative GPAs of admitted students are >3.5/4.0 Required Prerequisite Courses 1. A sequence of either Biology I & II OR Anatomy & Physiology I & II: two courses of general biology (including zoology) for science majors, with laboratory OR two courses of A&P (A&P I & A&P II) 2. Chemistry: two courses of general chemistry for science majors, with laboratory. 3. Physics: two courses for science majors, with laboratory. (Does not have to be calculus based physics) 4. Statistics: one course from any discipline. 5. Psychology: Two courses; should be related to human psychology: recommended: general psychology, life span (developmental) OR abnormal psychology. 6. Anatomy: one course of human or comparative anatomy (with laboratory preferred) at the 300 or 400 level OR another upper level human biology course. 7. Physiology: one course of human or mammalian physiology (with laboratory preferred) at the 300 or 400 level OR another upper level human biology course. Note: Completion of prerequisite course work does not guarantee admission to the PT program at HSU. Six of nine prerequisite Science/Stat courses must be completed before a seat offer can be considered. Additional Requirements 1. GRE (Graduation Record Exam) 2. Knowledge of the profession as demonstrated by two letters of recommendation from two different physical therapists practicing in two different settings. 3. Transcripts from all universities where college courses have been taken. Selected applicants are required to interview. Medical terminology is required as a post-selection requirement. Graduation Requirements for Class of 2018 The program of study for the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree consists of 118 credit hours (119 with elective) in a 28-month period over 7 consecutive semesters. Courses in basic sciences,