2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

122 NURS 6441 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurses in Advanced Practice Focuses on the pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic principles applicable to frequentlyprescribed drugs in advanced nursing practice. The emphasis of study is on pharmacologic agents used in the prevention and management of common acute or recurrent health problems. NURS 6442 Advanced Health Assessment Develops and refines technical skills, critical thinking, and diagnostic reasoning in performing accurate comprehensive health assessments. Students perform health histories, physical examinations, and selected laboratory tests. Emphasis is on distinguishing normal variants from pathological changes across the lifespan. (20 clinical hours.) NURS 6443 Nursing Theories and Research for Advanced Healthcare Delivery Analysis and critique of selected theories from nursing and other disciplines as related to the evidence-based research process. Scientific concepts, methods, ethical/legal concerns, and essential research techniques will be introduced for application to advanced nursing practice. NURS 6449 Instructional Methods, Testing and Measurements Provides an overview of evaluation techniques that enables nurses to plan and implement a variety of education-related evaluation approaches including test construction, item analysis, teaching effectiveness and clinical performance appraisals. Emphasis is on classroom/clinical instruction and evaluation and includes instructional technology. NURS 6450 Education Practicum Practical experiences that apply teaching/learning principles and theories, and evaluation methods in classroom and clinical settings. Practicum is supervised by experienced faculty and includes seminar discussion focusing on solution to contemporary issues in pursing education. NURS 6451 Family Nurse Practitioner I Study of the major concepts and therapies necessary to implement the FNP role in primary healthcare. Emphasis is on analysis and application of research, theories, health policy, and clinical skills essential to health promotion, disease prevention, and early detection and management of health problems across the lifespan. Clinical experiences in selected primary care sites. 228 clinical hours. NURS 6452 Family Nurse Practitioner II Progressive analysis of concepts and therapies used in the assessment and management of acute and chronic health issues of women and pediatric clients. Exploration of professional, legal, cultural, and ethical issues relating to these special populations. Clinical experiences relating to obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics are emphasized. 228 clinical hours. NURS 6453 Family Nurse Practitioner III Progressive analysis of concepts and therapies used in the assessment and management of the psychiatric and geriatric client. Clinical practicum in selected primary health sites provides the opportunity to explore and apply knowledge and skills in guided family practice context. This final clinical course in the FNP track requires students to integrate and apply all previous attained knowledge relating to the APN roles. 144 clinical hours. NURS 6343 Epidemiology for Advanced Nursing Practice Presents a traditional survey of the investigative principles and methods used to establish disease outbreaks and other public health problems, and to quantify their impact on human populations. Five conceptual domains will be explored including: historical perspectives and their significance; professional roles; research methodologies; disease processes; screening and prevention; and ethics and culture.