2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

105 (original language), one German art song (original language), one Italian or Spanish art song (original language), and one art song in English. b. Music Education. The student must demonstrate: i. Skill in conducting. ii. Proficiency in voice (vocal emphasis). iii. Proficiency on one instrument and functional ability in a secondary instrument, (instrumental emphasis). iv. Evidence of an understanding of contemporary philosophies of music education. *All students who apply for the master’s degree in music education must arrange for an interview with the music education department head. c. Theory and Composition. The student must: i. Demonstrate by examination the ability to realize figured bass and harmonize a melody at the piano. ii. Demonstrate proficiency in at least one foreign language approved by the School of Music. iii. Submit several recent original scores for approval by members of the composition faculty and/or others appointed to the board by the head of the theory-composition department. d. Church Music. The student must: i. Demonstrate by examination proficiency in keyboard, voice, or band/orchestral instrument ii. Demonstrate by examination skill in conducting. iii. Show evidence of aptitude for a career in church music ministry through references and an interview. Provisional Admission Provisional admission may be granted to a student before taking auditions and entrance examinations, or if one or more parts of the entrance exams are not passed. Such provisional admission allows the student to begin taking graduate course work, with the stipulation that full admission is earned before the student is allowed to continue beyond 12 hours of graduate work. Full admission is earned by successfully completing all parts of the exam and any assigned leveling work, and must be earned within 12 months of beginning graduate study at HSU. Further explanation of admissions policies can be found in the admissions section of this catalog. Early Admission Option Students in their undergraduate senior year who meet the entrance requirements for the graduate music program, may be admitted to the program and take up to six hours of music graduate course work to count toward the Master of Music degree. Additional Requirements for Music Degrees Solo and ensemble performance may be required on all graduate degrees in music. The MUPS courses with 5000-level numbers are used in the music education and theory/compositiondegrees to satisfy the performance study requirements. Only 6000-level numbers may be used to satisfy performance studies requirements for the performance degree. Students making a grade of D, F or WF in any required course will not be allowed to continue in graduate studies. Graduation Requirements In order to receive the Master of Music degree, students must complete all required courses