2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

104 C OLLEGE OF F INE A RTS Master of Music Dr. Melody Rich, Program Director The School of Music offers the Master of Music degree with majors in performance, music education, theory/composition, and church music. The Master of Music degree is designed to: 1. Continue the development of individual talents, interests, and philosophies. 2. Extend professional competence in the areas of education, conducting, music ministry, composition, and/or performance. 3. Acquaint the student with techniques of research in music. The degree requires a minimum of 30 hours; however, additional hours may be required to meet the standards for a particular area of study. Admission Criteria Applicants for graduate study in music must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with recognized standing in the National Association of Schools of Music. Admission to the program requires the program director’s endorsement, which will be based on evaluation of the following elements: 1. Prior academic performance, which will be evaluated in regard to (1) overall GPA, (2) two letters of recommendation detailing undergraduate work or professional experience, (3) GPA in all course work in music, (4) overall upper level GPA, (5) fulfillment of necessary prerequisites (see below), (6) previous graduate course work, and (7) the dates of completion of previous academic work. 2. Evidence of facility in the organization and expression of ideas in English. 3. Demonstrate by examination, skills, and capacities in written harmony, sight-singing, melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic dictation, and history and literature of music. 4. The examining committee of the School of Music may require or recommend undergraduate courses for the removal of deficiencies before a student may register for graduate credit in certain fields of study. 5. Students must provide evidence of completed undergraduate prerequisites for each graduate course in the area. 6. Special entrance requirements for various majors in the Master of Music degree: a. Performance i. Prospective performance majors must qualify by audition for graduate study. See School of Music website for specific dates. Although new students may choose to take applied lessons for a semester or two before auditioning, only applied study credits earned after official acceptance will apply toward the degree. Only 6000 level performance study will count toward the MM (performance) degree. Students who have not yet passed the entrance audition must enroll for performance study at the 5000 level. ii. Students should submit a complete list of repertoire and programs of recitals, indicating such numbers as the candidate is prepared to perform for admission. iii. Voice performance candidates must demonstrate proficiency in German, French, Italian, and English diction. The following style periods must be represented: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. Each student must sing the following: one operatic aria (original language or English), one oratorio/cantata aria (original language or English), one French art song