2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

103 KSPR 6333 Graphic Design, Publications, and Photography (3-3-0) Lab-based class emphasizing the blending of computer technology and art technology in the designing of professional brochures, media guides, and presentation materials. KSPR 6341 Sport Ministry Programs (3-3-0) (Offered as needed) Offers an overview of the various programs and associations related to Christian ministry through sport activities. Discussion centers on the use of sport as a medium for religious outreach and ethical character development. Also included is a required travel laboratory, with fee. KSPR 6351 Student Personnel, Extracurricular Activities & Union Management (3-3-0) (Offered as needed). Overview of the role recreational sport and activities play in college life. Emphasis is on program design, personnel, and management to enhance student development, leadership, and participation in extramural activities that compliment education. This includes an introduction on major related associations such as ACUI, NIRSA, NASPA, NODA, NACUSPA and others. Also, the use of student union buildings and residence halls as activity centers of leisure time activities and alternate learning centers is discussed. KSPR 6357 Fitness Management (3-3-0) An in-depth analysis of the fitness field. Addresses multiple content areas such as facility design, instruction techniques, program designs, personal training, and exercise prescription for various populations. KSPR 6360 Sport Performance Enhancement (3-3-0) The course is a study of theoretical concepts and applications of activities for sport performance enhancement from various areas of sport science. Performance testing, evaluation and training will be explored for the purpose of development of the athlete/individual/and or team to optimum performance potential. Sport specificity will be examined. Suggested prerequisites include anatomy and physiology, and/or exercise physiology, and/or kinesiology and/or instructor consent. KSPR 6361 Advanced Strength and Conditioning (3-3-0) The course is a comprehensive study of strength training and conditioning for athletic or elite physical performance. Emphasis is given to the following areas of strength training and conditioning: (1) scientific principles, (2) testing and evaluation, (3) practical demonstration and instruction of exercise techniques and prescription, (4) program design, (5) facility organization and administration. The course content includes knowledge, skills and abilities related to the NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification and other leading certifications of strength training and conditioning. Suggested prerequisites include anatomy and physiology, and/or exercise physiology, and/or kinesiology and/or instructor consent. KSPR 5099, 6099 Special Topics (1–3 hours credit) Special topics courses are designed to meet specific educational needs related to kinesiology, sport and recreation. Designed to meet special interests within Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation. Offered as needed. May be repeated when topic is changed