2017-2018 Graduate Studies Catalog

98 learning environments, and delivery systems to the design, development, and assessment of courses, programs, or core requirements based on trends and assessment data. Students will develop the skills to be effective mentors who facilitate professional growth. EDHE 7325 Assessment in Higher Education This course focuses on the philosophy and practice of effective assessment and evaluation in higher education. Students will design and implement assessment methods and practices that support state, regional, and federal accountability measures and lead to ongoing improvement in personnel and instructional practices in the local university setting. Particular emphasis will be placed on using data to drive change and the decision-making process. EDHE 7330 Business Management and Finance in Higher Education This course focuses on the study of roles, responsibilities, systems, and procedures in higher education business matters. Students will examine the sources of revenues, types of expenditures, budgeting and accounting practices, tuition pricing, human resource management, cost containment strategies, effects of the economy, and state and federal funding of higher education institutions. EDHE 7335 Legal Aspects of Higher Education This course investigates the legislation and litigation, which forms the basis of education at the national, state, and local levels. Students will examine historical and current decisions rendered by federal and state courts concerning procedural and substantive due process, civil rights, special populations, parent and student rights, and contractual legalities. EDHE 7340 Student Services in Higher Education This course focuses on the theoretical basis and best practices of student services in higher education with particular emphasis on financial aid, retention, recruitment, student activities, support services, and residence life. Students will develop an understanding of the changing demographics and characteristics of college students in relation to academic, social, physical, and spiritual needs. EDHE 7345/EDAD 7345 Critical Issues in Education (cross listed) This course will investigate the duties, behaviors, and impact of the administrative leadership and organizational structure of various types of K-12 and higher education institutions. Students will consider the influence of academic, political, legal, governmental, financial, and community factors on institutional decisions and leader effectiveness.