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Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Program

Dr. Lindsay Edwards, Program Director

The Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation (KSPR) degree is designed to be a Christ centered applied

studies and interdisciplinary program.This degree requires a minimum of 30 credits for completion

and is delivered as a hybrid/online format.

Post-Graduate Career Opportunities

The KSPR degree prepares graduates for careers in areas of wellness, sport performance

enhancement/strength and conditioning, health, fitness and recreation, facilities and programs,

athletic administration, sport marketing, recreation, professional sport management, and coaching.

Admission Criteria

All applicants for the Master of Education degree must hold a bachelor’s degree from a region-

ally accredited college or university. All candidates are evaluated on an individual basis. The

evaluation criteria include but are not limited to undergraduate GPA (2.75 or 3.0 last 60 hours),

undergraduate academic record, resume, writing sample, letters of recommendation, personal

interview, and GRE scores (upon request).

Departmental faculty approval of all new student admissions may be required. Submission of a

resume, three letters of recommendation (HSU students applying must have at least one of the

three letters of recommendation from a faculty member in their major department), a written

statement of professional purpose and goals, and a personal (or telephone) interview with the

program director are required of all prospective graduate students in KSPR.

Applicants who do not meet admission criteria may still be eligible for provisional admission.

Subsequent to the personal interview and a review of previously completed academic work,

prospective students may be recommended for admission. Positive recommendation by the

program director or designated representative is required for admission.

Official notification of admission (or denial of admission) will be communicated by the Office of

Graduate Studies. Upon approval and recommendation of the program director, students who do

not completely meet the criteria above may be assigned additional hours to take, above and beyond

the minimum required for degree completion. These semester-hours must be determined and

approved by the program director and the dean of graduate studies.

Time Limit

All requirements for the master’s degree in KSPR must be completed within five years from

semester of initial admission.


All KSPR graduate students will have academic progress reviewed by the graduate coordinator

each semester of graduate course work. Any student found to be lacking in communication skills

(oral or written) during this review will be required to take additional courses in either or both

areas before final approval for candidacy and graduation. Additionally, during each review any

problems related to attitude, effort, and/or academic performance may be grounds for removal

from the program.

Comprehensive Exam and Exit Interview

A comprehensive written exam will be scheduled during the last semester. Questions for the

comprehensive exam will come from the core courses and courses within the student’s area of

interest. Exam and question format will be determined by the graduate faculty.

Students must attain a passing grade of 80% or better. If a student does not attain 80% remedial

work may be required and another attempt at the exam will be given. The comprehensive exam

process must be initiated within the first six weeks. If a passing grade is not attained students will