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Master of Business Administration in Sports Management

Dr. Jennifer Plantier, Program Director

Hardin-Simmons University now offers a specialized MBA for those interested in sports

management. The program follows the same curriculum for the MBA foundational and core

courses. However, the 12 hours of electives consist of the sports management core and three hours

of sports management electives listed below.

Sports Management Core

KSPR 6314 Governing Agencies & the Law of Sport & Recreation (3-3-0)

An overview study of the governing agencies related to the administration and control of athletic

competition and recreational services. Offers an analysis of major fundamental legal problems and

issues confronting the sports & recreation professions, especially in the area of risk management.

KSPR 6315 Facilities Design and Management (3-3-0)

An examination of the principles and applications of sport and recreation management planning,

designing, constructing, and maintaining indoor and outdoor athletic and recreational facilities.

Students are exposed to facility operations and event management. Course includes travel lab.

KSPR 6316 Principles of Sport and Recreation Management (3-3-0)

An overview and analysis of the various components related to administration and management

within the sport and recreation fields. Includes marketing, promotions, public relations

communications, law, governing agencies, budgeting and fiscal management, personnel issues,

computers, and risk management.

Sport Management Electives

KSPR 6307 Organization and Administration of Athletics (3-3-0)

A thorough study of the organization and management techniques of athletic programs. Topics

include the role of athletics in education as indicated in purposes, administrative regulations,

management techniques, procedural policies, legal liabilities, facility maintenance, and financial


KSPR 6308 Global Sport (3-3-0)

Designed to provide insights and background into the lifestyles, values, and aspirations of various

cultural backgrounds and countries around the world related to recreation and sport.

KSPR 6312 Aspects of Recreational Sports Programming (3-3-0)

A practical experience course in the study of programming and design techniques in educational,

sport, and recreational settings with special focus on organizational management, problem-

solving, and creative design methods. Emphasis is on developing programming skills in a wide

variety of recreational settings, youth sports, camps, summer camp programming, and

gerontology. Organizational communication processes, and program marketing are included.

KSPR 6333 Graphic Design, Publications and Photography (3-3-0)

Lab-based class emphasizing the blending of computer technology and art technology in the

designing of professional brochures, media guides, and presentation materials.

KSPR 6357 Fitness Management (3-3-0)

An in-depth analysis of the fitness field. Addresses multiple content areas such as facility design,

instruction techniques, program designs, personal training, and exercise prescription.

MBA Courses

These are HSU-only courses, and do not apply to Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Accounting (ACCT)

ACCT 5099 Special Topics (3-3-0)

Designed to introduce new courses in accounting and to meet special needs of individual students.