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BIBL Bible

CCMF Clinical Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy

CMUS Church Music

COHD Counseling and Human Development

COMM Communication

EDHE Higher Education

EDUC Education

ENGL English

ENVM Environmental Management

FMIN Family Ministry

FNPR Family Nurse Practitioner

FPSY Family Psychology

GIED Gifted Education

HIST History

KSPR Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation

LDSP Leadership

MATH Mathematics

MBA Master of Business Administration

MBAE Master of Business Administration Entrepreneurship

MDIV Master of Divinity

MISS Missions

MNST Church Ministry

MUPC Music Performance Class

MUPS Music Performance Study

MUEV Music Ensembles (Vocal)

MUHL Music History and Literature

MUSI Music Education

MUTC Music Theory and Composition

NURS Nursing

PHIL Philosophy

PHYT Physical Therapy

PSYC Psychology

READ Reading

RSED Reading Specialist Education

RELI Religion

SOCI Sociology

SRMT Sports and Recreation Management

THEO Theology