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Graduate Faculty

Mark Armstrong, DPT

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy;

BA 1980, Nyack University;

BS 1987 Thomas Jefferson University; MS 1991 Troy University; t-DPT 2005 Creighton

University; MA 2010 Liberty University. (Since 2014.)

N. Larry Baker, ThD

Professor of Pastoral Ministry; Director of Doctor of Ministry Program


BS 1959 East Texas Baptist College; BD 1963, THM 1966, THD 1974 Southwestern Baptist

Theological Seminary. (Since 2009.)

Robert C. Barnes, PhD

A.B. Shelton Professor of Counseling and Human Development, Head of

the Department of Counseling and Human Development, Graduate Program Director

; BS 1959

Florida Southern College; MEd 1971 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 1974 University of

Georgia; Clinical Diplomate in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy. (Since 1977.)

Mark Beasley, PhD

of History, Head of the Department of History

; BA 1978 Pepperdine

University; MA 1988 Pepperdine University; PhD 1997 Texas Christian University. (Since 2000.)

Jacob Brewer, PT, PhD, DPT

Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

; BS 1994 Wayland

Baptist University; MPT 1998, t-DPT 2005 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2010 Dallas Baptist

University. (Since 2005.)

Thomas V. Brisco, PhD

Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology, Provost

; BA 1965

Ouachita Baptist University; MDiv 1973, PhD 1981 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary;

Advanced Study 1986–1987 University of Cambridge, England. (Since 2003.)

Kent Chambers, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science

; BS 1990

University of Alaska; MS 1999 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2005 Texas Tech University.

(Since 2000.)

Lynnette Chambers, DMA

Professor of Voice, Director of the Graduate Program in Music


BME 1994 Baylor University; MM 1996 Ohio State University; DMA 1998 Ohio State University.

(Since 1998.)*

Andrea J. Cheek, MSN,

Instructor of Nursing

; RN, BSN 1988 Hardin-Simmons University;

MSN 1998 Abilene Christian University. (Since 2008.)

Mary Christopher, PhD

Professor of Educational Studies, Certification Officer, Director of the

Graduate Programs in Gifted and Talented Education and the Doctor of Education in Leadership


BS 1978 Texas Tech University; MEd 1993 University of Louisville; PhD 2003 Texas Tech

Hye-Jean Choi, M.M

Assistant Professor of Organ, University Organist

; BM 1989, MM 1992

Ehwa Woman’s University; MSM 1995, MM 1996 Southern Methodist University; ABD

University of North Texas. (Since 2001.)

niversity. (Since 1995.)

Renee Collins, PhD

Associate Professor of Educational Studies


Head of the Department of

Educational Studies;

BS 1980 Valdosta State University; MEd 1998 Hardin-Simmons University;

PhD 2009 Texas Tech University. (Since 2000.)

Lori A. Copeland, PhD

Professor of Psychology

; BA 1981 Houston Baptist University; MA 1984

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD 2002 Texas Woman’s University. (Since 1999.)

Thomas V. Copeland Jr., EdD

Professor of Psychology, Director of the Honors Program, Head

of the Department of Psychology

; BS 1981 Texas A&M University; MA 1984 Southwestern

Baptist Theological Seminary; EdD 1994 Texas Tech University. (Since 1994.)

Jeff Cottrell, DMA

Associate Professor of Low Brass and Theory

; BM 1985, MM 1996, DMA

2004 University of North Texas. (Since 2006.)

John N. Davis, PhD

Associate Professor of Management

; BS 1975 United States Military

Academy; MBA 1982 The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; PhD 2005 Texas Tech