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penalty assessed in accordance with the following appeals process.

Procedure for Appeal


A student appealing a charge of academic integrity violation and/or a penalty must deliver

a letter to the chair of the Grade Appeal and Academic Misconduct Committee, specifying

the basis for the appeal, within 10 working days after receiving the instructor’s written



The chair of the committee will schedule a meeting of the committee as soon as practical,

after receipt of the letter of appeal, preferably within 10 working days. The chair will notify

the student and the instructor of the meeting date and time.


Copies of the instructor’s report and the student’s letter of appeal will be provided to all

members of the committee at least two working days before the day of the meeting.


The committee will review the materials submitted by both the student and the instructor

before the formal meeting and convene at a time convenient for all involved for the purpose

of hearing the two individuals present their cases. The committee will then convene in an

executive session to reach a decision in the matter. The chair of the committee will inform,

in writing, the student, the student’s advisor, the instructor, the instructor’s immediate

supervisor, the head of the department and the dean of the school or college in which the

course is offered, and the Office of the Provost of the decision.


If the appeal is denied, then the charge and the penalty is upheld. If an appeal of a charge

of violating academic integrity is upheld, the case is dismissed. If an appeal of a penalty is

upheld, then the committee will determine an appropriate penalty. The ruling of the

committee is final. Action, or failure to take action, by an instructor or the Appeals

Committee does not preclude disciplinary action by the University when appropriate.